Simucube 2 News and Updates

With those problematic games, I do TD tuning sessions playing in borderless window to be able to move the mouse to the secondary screen, then tuning with mouse scroll is not a problem.
When TD-ffb is as you like, you can revert back to fullscreen mode

To add, in any case is not needed to focus on TD window with left click or anything, just hover the mouse over any slider-list and scroll

Mobile controller app connecting to PC with TD running via wi-fi or to wheelbase via BT would be a really nice addition.


Please no. I can’t think of a worse idea


Simucube 2 True Drive 2023.2 is released.


Installed it, and drove an hour RF2 and an hour AC. Works absolutely nice. IMO a real step forward


Also installed it and no problems. Works and feels great as always :slight_smile:

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is it identical to the latest beta? i don’t have any updates prompts in true drive, i’m using 2023.2 beta

Some adjustments were made after the beta.

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We ran a user survey this summer and also promised some updates about software for Simucube 2. The results of the survey have now been processed. It took a bit longer than expected.

Last Friday we released a social media video and a landing page for the updates:

We also have a publicly viewable Trello table now where people can track our progress.

We are tracking the 26th of this month for a public firmware and True Drive release.

Please discuss in the discussion thread. Simucube 2 Discussion Thread


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Simucube 2 True Drive 2023.10.1 is released.

Only one minor change to True Drive to fix an issue where analog axis data was not shown correctly.


So it’s just TD, no FW changes?

yes, firmware is the same, no updates to that.

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Simucube 2 True Drive 2024.1 is out.

Changes and fixes

  • New UI style for True Drive
    • Some minor UI elements still have old style, those will get fixes later
  • Offline profile management improvements
    • Offline profile selection will track the last action made in the menu
    • Offline profiles are alphabetically sorted
  • Simucube Wireless Wheels are not anymore disconnected at all if a game is running and has created FFB effects
    • Previous behavior was that wheel wasn’t supposed to disconnect if game actively sent new data, i.e. driver was on track
  • The Torque Clipping audible notification works again
  • Add some decimal points to analog axis status data on the first tab

FFB development testing as beta feature

  • New Experimental FFB filters menu
    • Feature enables trying out new things without having them saved into actual profiles
    • Access the feature from the first tab
    • Features will have to be re-applied to device after any profile change/update

FFB changes

  • New experimental/beta FFB setting: Angle-based torque reduction
    • Reduces FFB if wheel has turned for over 110 degrees, helps driver to resume full control of the car after a spin
    • Access setting via the the experimental menu
    • Send feedback via the feedback button
  • Motor tuning
    • Motor tuning has returned to that of the 2023.10 release. We will continue the work that was released in 2023.12 testing release in Discord.

Bug fixes

  • Simucube Wireless Wheels are not disconnected due to one hour time-out if any button is being used on the wheel, regardless if games are running or not.

Please send us feedback via the new feedback button!


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After long develoment and several false starts, we have begun public testing of Reconstruction Filter V2.

See the testing thread and discus there!
Reconstruction Filter V2 testing

and download the test release here:

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Paddock news

Over the weekend we deployed new software release to Paddock. F1 2024 game was added to list of games and a small Paddock app version number overlay was added to make some trouble cases more convenient to debug.

Since March this year, we have also done a round of software library updates, with cyber security and maintenance being the focus.

Unfortunate side effect is that the in True Drive software releases 2023.10 and earlier, the bundled Chromium web browser was so old that the new React and other libraries didn’t work properly anymore, with some users often facing black screen issues.

Starting with 2024.1 release we updated the Qt framework to the latest release. If you are facing blank screen issue in Paddock app when trying to view profile settings, please update True Drive to 2024.1 or later release.

Discussion in the discusion thread: Simucube 2 Discussion Thread

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Simucube 2 True Drive 2024.7 is released.

Official release of Reconstruction Filter V2.