Simucube 2 News and Updates

Continuing the original news and updates thread, lets keep this more focused on just news and updates.

That being said, the first release version of the True Drive software is out now!


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can someone help me? I have loaded the software and now there is always an error with the firmware.

Are you using the GUI executable that came with that version FW? Seems like you might be trying to use previous version shortcut with new version FW. Create new shortcut from same directory as FW version you flashed :wink:

My first mistake was that I had the emergency off.

Welcome to the club! We have all done it!! :slight_smile:


Simucube 2 True Drive v1.0.3 is out now.

Fixes bad grainyness issue with rFactor 2, Raceroom and other ISI-engine titles.
Also, the beep when driving ETS2 and other games is fixed.

Thank you for the patience.


Will we get an update regarding Ultimates over the weekend? I know the news blog said it would be tight whether or not they would ship on schedule.

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Hello everyone,

I’ve just updated the familiar with the latest 1.0.7 version.

It has taken us a few testing releases after the previous 1.0.3 (1.0.4, 1.0.5, 1.0.6) to remove all known resonance issues we’ve received reports on and to work out the slightly changed ultra low latency setting in addition to restoring the endstop effect. Thank you all who have done pre-release testing!

The new feature we have is the built-in templates for some games with additional help or game specific notes. You can access these templates through Add button of the Profiles tab.

If you are using the Ultra Low Latency Mode setting please note that you may need to re-tune the setting depending on your configuration/game/car due to changed scale.


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At last!
That’s what I was hoping to hear.

This weekend, the Simucube 2 development/sales team is visiting SimExpo in Nurburgring, Germany. We might have something cool and useful to give out if you recognize us from our bright orange t-shirts :wink:


True Drive version 1.0.8 is released.

To add to the listed fixes, there is an attempt to fix a rare Communications Fault with code 480901 on device startup. We have not been able to repeat this issue, yet it seems to happen for some. Please report if this keeps happening or not.

Please report on this thread:


Mika, is it enough to download the new version and let it run in place of the previous one or should I do another way? Thank you and sorry for the dumb question but it’s the first time I update TD :slight_smile:

It will automatically launch a firmware update, so you can run it in place of the previous one.

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We are testing the True Drive 1.0.9, starting from tomorrow.

This time, we are specifically looking for testers that

  • Still have resonance issues when the device starts with Simulaje F1S wheel or any other wheel.
  • OR Have Communications Fault 480901 on device start or when changing filtering parameters.
  • AND are willing to experiment with our new Simple UI mode and its tuning parameters, and are willing to loose their profile settings in some situations (make backups)

PM me for details.


480901 just appeared to me for the first time, at startup…

First results of the communications fault fix seems encouraging.

Anyone else up for especially the simplified UI testing?