Reconstruction Filter V2 testing

We have released a second release this month - 2024.5 + reconv2 testing.

Here is how to test the new filter

  • Use profiles like before. Please not publish reconv2 based adjustments to Paddock before we get to final version. At that time the reconstruction filter v2 will be available in Paddock and in the normal profile settings dialog and the setting will get saved to profiles.

  • Each time you have made any change to a profile or switched to a new profile, you must disable the old reconstruction filter and activate the new one. This is done via the Set Experimental features -button on the first tab:

  • A dialog will pop up. It will always have its content reset. Adjust reconstruction filter and click Apply settings to apply it to the device. This action will also deactivate the reconstruction filter v1 that is in the profile settings. A Help button is also available for some additional notes.

  • filter at 1 will feel crisp, and filter at 10 is smooth.


Discuss your testing results in this thread, or in our Discord, and also remember to send feedback via the feedback button on the Status view:


this is already online?

May, 2024 - 2024.5? … or we waiting for another one? sorry Ive been offline for almost month and didnt catch everything.

Hi, yeah - I was asking myself the same question and downloaded the last one again - it seems not to be online yet.

It will be online very soon.

testing release is out now.

Tested now the old recon v1 first on RATL in the porsche and after that the V2 with 1, 10 and 5.
Don’t know how should I describe it but it gives me all the details at 1 without the grainy feeling and also 10 felt really nice.
I’ll stick to around 5 or little bit lower for now for testing.
Great work Mika!

Thanks, but @Tero did a lot of work for this, including lot of experimentation and research. :slight_smile:


so, if I understand correctly… I choose my profile in TrueDrive, I put reconstruction filter on OFF… then I go back to status tab, click on set expiremental filters, I choose recon filter 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 or 10, click apply, and thats all? settings which I choose in set expiremental filters, and apply, are settings what wheel using, doesnt matter that I have recon OFF in my profile?

Yes, you don’t need to do anything to your current reconstruction filter setting in profile, it will automatically turn off in background when you click “apply” in the experimental settings dialog.


Nice work on Recon Filter v2. I can finally feel the understeer in ACC now, whereas it was not possible before. Other titles I’ve tried so far provide improved grip to grip-loss transitions although, very it can be very subtle. Level one setting does seem to work really well with little (if any) grain in ffb.

I made a test, its amazing for me… Recon Filter on 2 is a sweet spot for me, and I dont have that “sluggish” “rubbery” “sticky” feeling like before ( on 360hz ) in iracing… Great job!

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I’m used with the old recon at “1”, so how is the V2 at “1” ?

edit : v1 vs v2 at “1”

I’ve tested msyelf, the v2 feels more raw, there is more noise signal, more grain, I have the same feeling like the old belt wheel with cogging, where I can feel the “teeth” when turning, not fan at all.
v1 is smoother without any noise.

Maybe you can explain the changement, cause I wont use it and hope you will keep the choice for using the old v1.

Yes, the tuning range of the filter is different. You should not try compare 1:1 setting. Did you find any setting that would not be too grainy on the new filter? Both filters will not be available in the future.

Good betabesting feedback would be to know if the tuning range of the new filter is adequate or not; it is well known that the old filter had too much smoothing and it was even laggy when viewed objectively in signal processing simulations.

omg if v2 is the future, it needs for me some tweaks, I only use “1”, so if for v2 I need to raise the setting, something not good for me.

It might be that old 1 setting needs to be 5 for you on the new filter. People were especially asking for more options between 0 and 1 on the old filter, and the new filter algoritm does just that. So you are testing in a “wrong way”. It is completely new filter with different tuning range.

Ok I understand, I’m trying always “1” with some others game, it feels raw but with time maybe I will forget the raw noise signal

I tested the new Reconstruction Filter V2 beta on Assetto Corsa Competizione, where i usually use Recon V1 at level 3. To achieve similar sensations, i had to set Recon V2 to level 6, but even then, it still feels a bit too raw and grainy. In general, it’s difficult to set Recon V2 in a way that consistently feels like having rubber tires under the wheel. V2 seems much more precise, but also more digital and less smooth.

One thing i also noticed is that, compared to Recon V1, Recon V2 no longer has that “glue” effect when set to high levels.

For me, it’s important to have the option to set the force feedback with a smooth rubber feeling, because those who use Buttkicker LFE or other bass shakers don’t want too many harsh effects on the wheel.

I am confident and looking forward to trying the final version. I hope this feedback will be useful for your development.

You might want to limit the slew rate if you want that “rubbery” feeling.

Spending more time with the V2 recon and am getting more used to it and it feels good now. Have gone from using level 1 on V1 to now settling on level 3 on the new version. Started on lv 4, but so far lv 3 with a few game FFB tweaks seems to be best.

I always try to avoid as much of a grainy feel as possible, but so far have been able to stick with just game setting as opposed to Slew Rate. If I’m honest I’ve never fully understood the Slew Rate setting,in terms of where I should set, any potentially negatives of using it etc.

That’s exactly what i use the slew rate limiter for, mostly around 0.25 Nm/ms, although i wasn’t sure if it was intended for this use. I just set it up based on feeling.

This picture helped me to understand the function of the slew rate filter.

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