Simucube 2 Discussion Thread

Discuss here, to keep the news and updates thread clean of noise.

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Just a short comment based on feedback from some of you regarding the ‘noise’ around the center, as mentioned in the now locked earlier topic about this:

  1. This was a bug I flagged with Mika which was subsequently fixed
  2. The 'noise’was exacerbated by an extremely rigid rig, even more extreme sensitive microphone on my camera.
  3. Even in buggy form, the noise was significantly less than your Simucube 1
  4. The car was the F3.5 Renault, non-powersteer car with a very active steering rack
  5. I was testing with low Damping, Friction and Inertia settings to see what a new Filter Mika introduced, will behave like
  6. Don’t draw to many conclusions from my testing videos, as I am a tester and usually go to extremes 99.9% people won’t ever see



Any news about the users manual?

Finally :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


User Manual is still under work. I hope to finish it by the weekend. We should get the Quick Start Guide on the website very soon too.

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Great, have fun!
Where did you order btw?

Thanks! I´ve have it from Simracingbay

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when did you place your order?

ok thanks. Im still waiting on my Pro, preordered @ so far no update on shipping :frowning:

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I made the order on April 9th. My friend has also ordered from racewerk and has information that on Friday should the wheel base arrive to Attila.

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thanks. A bit strange that it arrives so late, but I guess I’ll have to be more patient :sweat:

Very nice dude. More eye candy please when you get chance. Need to get my fix somehow, mines taking a leisurely journey through Europe atm.

Just got confirmation from Racewerk; indeed they will receive their units Friday late afternoon.

That’s great news for you.

Please let us all know what your first impressions are.

I think mine is still in Poland. I’m surprised that SimTechRacing aren’t issued with an ETA. :frowning:

Shipping company would know their routes and ETAs. Hopefully they will get to UK soon.

Thanks Mika. Last time I spoke to Jed, he told me that he had no ETA, and that they are in Poland.

I got a shipping label from DHL yesterday morning. ETA for me is tuesday 5th of June. That is from SimracingBay to Norway.
I wish it was faster obviously, but DHL are usually pretty good at their ETA estimates.

Good news that it is on the way to you.

If it makes you happier, Tuesday will be the 4th of June so you now you will feel like it’s arriving one day faster than you expected :smile:

So the UK retailer and buyers get there’s last.
I blame Brexit. (lol)


I’m in the same situation. Waiting for JED’s news.
My difference? I must wait the travel from UK to Argentina…