Simucube 2 True Drive software feedback thread


Give feedback and discus the new software here.


Sorry Mica, I turn on the power of everything you transmit a multi-socket. that gives power to everything, I turn on the PC I open the True Drive panel and I do not see the simucube 2, I always have to turn it off and turn it back on, why?


Simucube 2 devices should (*) turn off if power is lost from the usb connector. This might happen when PC is booting.

(*) there is a firmware issue in the power management code that we will solve soon, which will unify the operation logic in all cases.


mika i cant even install it …always get an error ,plz help


What error are you getting? Please disable the safe torque off button (e-stop), that is, pull up the button, on the first firmware update.


can we disable the high torque popup warning sign every time we power up?


At the moment, no. We might implement such a feature for business users, though.


Hi Mika,
I told him to disable e-stop in another post, that was active…it’s all ok now…


im ok now ,phillip help me already ,thanx mica !


If you load a saved profile, some of the settings bars are displayed “fill”, but the saved value is still reported. I think it value is correct, but the full bars make it look confused.

Please can we have a “save as”. I renamed a profile and saved but overwrote my original without warning.

+1 for the campaign to only have move the slider for high mode the once - not every time I turn it on.


hi there , i have to recalibrate center every time i turn it on. Also when i get into iracing i have to reconfigure controls everytime , once done i have absolutely no ffb at all. I have to exit my session and start the session again , then it works until next reboot. A little annoying, is this normal?


Any chance you run with HTC Vive? There is a known issue where the ffb effects do not get received by the the device when steamvr is launching. Solution is to launch steamVR beforehand, or once in game, tick ffb off - ok - back on again.

Regarding recalibration, is it always random degrees off, or exactly 360 degrees off?


I m running a pimax 5 k , but i ll test your solution thank you. Center is off about 330.’’may be 360 i m not sure , i ll check again


Well in fact it’s worst than I initially thought, even if I don’t have the lost FFB problem ( thanks to your advice) .
After a period of time the wheel uncenter itself while playing, making almost impossible to do a full race on iracing : after a few minutes the center is off by 32 °.( I stop the car and it shows this in iracing and in True drive) I’m really disapointed , also the FFB is good but I was expecting a lot more from that stuff( this part may be just due to not have properly set up the parameters, but as they are not documented and i’m no expert …Can’t solve this by myself)


Victor, this might be caused by grease on the shaft of the motor. Please check in the other Simucube 2 topic where this and the solution is described (basically, you need to remove the quick release on the wheel side and wipe off the excess grease).


Thank you Raimond I’ll look into it.

Edit: because problem solved .


Glad to hear that Victor!


Hi Victor, as you said the issue was solved, then what’s the conclusion leading the issue ?


Hi, I haven’t tried the wheel in iRacing yet but after running True Drive, updating firmware and creating a profile I’m getting these two communication errors;

480501 SMV2 buffer overflow
480901 SMV2 packet CRC error

Flashing red and blue lights as well

This is with a Simucube 2 Sport using True Drive 1.03


red and blue flashing is normal for the high torque mode.

Does cycling the torque off button clear the faults?