Stable version of TD

What is the recommended, most stable version of TD Classical?
2020.10 was golden with a bunch of broken releases after.
2021.7 seems to be all right at least on R1.
What about 2021.8, I have seen some reports on issues, it is noisier due to temporary disabled adaptive current measurement, seems more like intermediate experimental release.

It would be really nice if GD put some label next to releases indicating stability status. Like in AC Content Manager, obviously the latest is not always the greatest.

Another suggestion is to invest a bit more into release notes, they are too succinct and most of the times do not reflect all scope of changes that went into particular release version, usually we find out what’s in there after things start breaking, like that USB interface experimentations that started after 2020.10.


Good idea.

2021.8 is now the most stable as there were

  • constant whine / tone issue with some R2 units before 2021.1 release
  • issues with a small number of devices (not starting, FFB resets etc) in all 2021.x releases before 2021.8
  • Possible crashes in True Drive in all 2021.x releases until 2021.8.

Won’t you reintroduce adaptive current in consecutive release to minimize idle noise?
I’ve also seen some issues reported

Yes, it will be reinstated when it is ready for that again.

The post you linked is not a firmware issue.

If you can’t remember it looks like all were stable. From my own experience I can’t say what happened yesterday unless a problem occured.

Is not that easy…
The most annoying problem is related to wireless wheels disconnecting ingame, so if you dont have any, you may have Stable version with 2020.4

If you have any wireless wheel, then It is solved after 2021.x versions, buuut you can clearly see that 2021 versions aren’t stable for all

And support for revision 2 was added in 2020.10.

2021.8 is the most stable.

2021.8 has some extra noise not only during idle as release notes suggest but also during under torque operations.
2021.7 is smoother in that regard.

Hopefully it’s just missing adaptive current measurement and not something else USB related that happened after 2020.10 when for a few releases we had some grainy feeling that required extra Recon filter.

I went back to 2021.7 due to the noise.

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And another one Simucube 2 Pro - - Problem - Rattling Sound and vibration not caused by FFB

@Mika, do we know the cause of that noise, any chance to release hotfix just for that?

I’m on 21.7 and I just had the high-torque sound out of the blue while I was ingame, luckily not during a race tho.same as 21.8

2021.7 here and it’s mouse quiet, running recon 1 with all titles.
Which sim are you getting noise from, or it was just single time occurence?

it was Ams1, not sure if it was related to the sim or not. with 21.8 it happened in Ac and rf2, so it seems to happen randomly. ffb is fine, same as you.

We think its due to the “default” current measurement algorithms in this release. We have a servo drive fw build ready with better ones enabled, but of course need to test it first. It makes sense to build a good release, as many other things are ready as well:

  • importing of classic profiles to the paddock without working with ini files
  • upcoming “quick try” functionality for paddock
  • some hw support things related to battling with global chip shortage

any idea about this high-torque sound?

AMS just like rF2 really doesn’t like ULL, do you use it by any chance?

nope, it causes too much oscillations without any benefit… i only use it in ac and iracing

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With stock gyro AC doesn’t need one either.

SC2 Pro launch unit and I’ve been happily using v1.0.13 for quite a while now.

If there’s a good reason why I should upgrade, I’d love to hear it.

You can review release notes for all releases after yours to see if you benefit from any of the changes there.
I’d say from my ignorant outsider view until 2020.10 we had mostly useful fixes, things took more on experimental side since then with some core internal changes cascading in bugs that had to be fixed afterwards. 2021.7 had pretty much most gremlins worked out, or we can wait for the next patch Mika promised, seems like 2021.8 even with all the fixes is not that great due to the noise.