Simucube 2 True Drive software feedback thread

I trust in Granite. If they would totally depending on customers testing their products that would be more than strange. Filters testing is, I assume, more on the technical side. Stability, unexpected failing, precision. I learned that the use of filters is different from person to person

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No disrespect meant,

I think you are fairly new here?

You are telling a bunch of guys, with expert knowledge in sim racing, sc2 setups, software development, UI/UX knowhow, many many years of many kinds of experience, all that provide valuable feedback as hardcore users, that are doing their best to take what is there and help others enjoy it more, that you “trust in granite”.

That is fine, but why even post that.

(I do have to wonder how since “learned that filters is different from person to person”, that you can trust in a path of sharing those exact filters online, with no good way to discuss & it being only a part of the equation as the sim side settings are fully missing without the forum links being involved.)

This is not a matter of trust or not, it is a matter of end user feedback being provided. End user feedback from highly qualified individuals, imho.

Many of these people posted these concerns a year ago or so, right when online was announced, and their feedback was factually requested.

Now a year later many of those concerns are so far validated in so many ways and people are still trying to help Granite make decisions that actually would help them, the end users.

The fact is it is not the grumpy club holding Granite back from delivering. The grumpy club clearly stated that some of these things will possibly hold no value to end users and would hold back Granite from delivering important improvements with real value.

The response was that there would be allocated enough manpower to provide the actual painkillers while the operation would be in process, for example the filters, but this has not happened. Our worst fears have only been confirmed so far.

Hopefully it turns around, and hopefully the long play to make the software simpler to write and maintain will pay back.

But in relation to some other developments, like replicating part of the forum in the paddock software, that just seems very weird to some of us, believing it has no hope of doing anything but cause worse experience and more paths of information hunting, I think it is STILL VALUABLE feedback to say: Better skip as early as possible if it ain’t gonna float! Later will be only worse, also 6 months from now, where so much extra time will have been spent on those functions.
There are many other reasons for the online parts that prob. make a lot of sense & nobody’s saying “skip online” for the sake of skipping online. I have only heard it as a concern since it seems this addition of online comes at the cost of the end user experience and advanced features, which 100% is the case so far.

I would like to add that going for the broad market seems weird to me without a $399 end user product. If that one is coming any day now, then some of the decisions could make more sense(still with the exception of a bad forum replica with links to the forum inside the paddock software).

Sorry for the mess, but I am too busy otherwise right now.


No no no, is not like that!

Games are done and left behind, so its hardware manufacturer’s responsibility to do retrocompatible hardware.
Dont forget that we are talking about interfaces, not about cars, mobile phones, Operative Systems, or tractors…

Doing a compatible interface in PC enviroment is mandatory on my “rules book” and talking especifically about FFB Devices/interfaces is a bit more easy because the Code from Microsoft didnt change since… 1999?
But after more than 20 years, in 2021 is still plausible that some hardware manufacturers dont know how to intrerpret that Code from last century.

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i fell for it, i came back to sim racing after a while, i had been running 2020.10, i have been here a while. i just like to spend time on sim, not on forum or tweaking all the time, turn on and run

just updated to 2021.8
registered and picked iracing general profile to test
and TD crashed and keeps crashing
reboot time

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What kind of “modern technologies” are needed for freaking hardware device driver control. Not everything has to be MSaaS, there are different tools for different jobs.
“Complexity”, “hardcoded”, excuse me, isn’t it your own code, make it better, if you can.
Dumping development on 3rd party company and moving it to the cloud is not going to simplify anything. If anything, your in house team will have no idea how it actually works and how to maintain it. Designing and developing secure and reliable open to Internet traffic MSaaS applications is 100 times more complicated than C++ desktop app living in a client computer sandbox. Operational cost is even more than that.

As a software field professional it just kills me to even think that someone is crazy enough to even come up with the idea that few sliders HW driver control panel that college graduate can build in less than a week is warranted to be cloud based. Speaking of killing fly with the cannon.


Did you miss the memo? This is the most stable version.


It depends on how one defines as being the most stable. All versions can have known or yet unknown issues. But from the issues we know about, 2021.8 is the most stable.

Does the Classic version also crash for you?

How many Classic profiles do you have in the device (approximately?)

New to this new interface - I went in with paddock, picked up Bshon’s iracing general
It crashed TD and iracing after rebooting tried it again, super strong and heavy
changed in iracing to lighten and updated to latest profile from bshon - much better
lightened in iracing again Still too strong
copied profile in TD, edited and reduce 100% power to 80%, much better
1 min in testing and TD crashed second time and won’t start. so I just shut off for now.
Something to do with iracing UI as both TD and iracing won’t start

When I have time again I will try again and will try the classic

I have like 8 profiles in classic, not big on changes just want to run the simulator not play with setting all the time

I’ll keep you posted, all windows software is up to date

I would put my “money” on a GPU or GPU driver issue.

possible - will update that next login in, 1080Ti FTW3

Will also test with AC next time

Hi Mika
I live in a remote area with only about 6 hours a day with internet and download speed of at best 400 kbps…just to connect to gmail can take 20 minutes…
DO NOT FORCE ME TO GO ONLINE… if i have to Simucube Pro 1 will be off no use to me …hmmmm maybe i can use it as a boat anchor


Try to run GPU-Z. You can see if the graphic card got too hot and caused the crash. I had the same problem with my 1080TI 2 years ago. After I had renewed the termal paste, it worked again flawlessly.

First lap in iRacing of Nurburgring VLN layout with BMW M4 GT3 done with Simucube 2 firmware 2.0 done. 8:02.3.


Mika do you have other favourite sims than iracing, which i presume is your go-to sim?

iRacing is the only one I drive weekly at the moment, mainly due to time constraints of doing league racing and also team endurance events

The above car&lap combination with known weather is a good point when one must test new firmware that runs on a new software architecture. Weather was such that I think I got within a second of my capabilities on that state of rubber on the track. I honestly thought I would have felt something different, but that wasn’t the case, which is good!

Other than iRacing, I do enjoy rallying in Dirt 2.0, and plan on doing a offline campaign on it as I’ve not had time to drive it after the Scotland was released over a year ago.


Also, we drove this race last weekend on AC, having been invited by VRL to race many times, and finally found the weekend that was possible.

(instagram didn’t allow to link to the post directly…)

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gorgeous livery on that macca. last ot question, will you guys be at the simexpo this year?

ambient temp 72F around PC - plus additional fan. I will run it. but note I had no issues running 2020.10 with everything as is - I was running 4-8-24hr races with my team

Sounds good Mika.
Thanks for the info.

Just curious, what is the minimum required internet connection speed?