Simucube 2 True Drive software feedback thread

I dont know what is worse, rfactor 2 new ui or sc2 new online ui.

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I do like rf2 new ui quite a lot

My hope is that the SC2 Paddoc UI is just a ‘point in time’ and will evolve with community feedback and to accommodate future devices. I suspect we’re stuck with the Rfactor 2 new UI…

While we’re talking Rfactor2, I would GLADLY give up the UI if it meant they could improve their load times - I often skip Rfactor just thinking about how long it will take to load a level.

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What do you know, it’s modern. :slightly_smiling_face:

Please elaborate. Its only its first fully public release and we are listening to feedback.

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I’ve only skimmed through the last few comments and seen that it’s all kicked off a bit but for what it’s worth I think you guys are doing a great job and I look forward to more updates on the paddock feature.

Just wanted to come by and highlight a few things I’ve noticed on the latest 2021.8 update, I feel like motor noise is now more obvious since the latest update, filters feel a little more grainy than before, particularly the slew rate adjustment, I know its always made noise but it seems harsher than before. Not sure if this is something you guys are aware of or if I just so happened to have noticed the noise now coincidently after the update which is very possible but it just seems a little louder than before on this update.

As for feedback on the paddock itself, my issue with it is it just seems to have replaced the offline setup rather than supplement it, even though offline setup is still an option it’s kind of clunky navigating to it now the profile select drop down before was more convenient having the choice to pick a profile and have the settings immediately appear on screen rather than needing to click edit. Just makes the software a little less intuitive, maybe having an extra tab on the left with the old profile selection screen would bring back that intuitiveness, that and a tab dedicated to online profiles would be pretty cool rather than needing to go through the online profile screen to navigate to offline profiles.

Hope that makes sense… as for what else to add to the software, just more options for adjustment for the more advanced user would be great, the simple settings are there for ease of use and I think we all value the extra depth we can go to if we want to do that, the more the merrier I say.


Extra noise with 2021.8 is a known issue. 2021.7 shouldn’t have that.

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in fact I just downgraded to 2021.7 and yes, it’s better


Aha thanks, I thought it certainly was different, I’ll roll back to 21.7 then I think.

Who was the one wo thought that cloud based stuff would be a good idea?

Any suggestions?


Can anybody tell me how to downgrade firmware these days?
The shortcut with -fwdowngrade parameter doesn’t work anymore

I checked the backend; there is an error “The user already exists.”

ok, found an old password.
But still, how to downgrade?

Upcoming to the next release:

  • support for new quick try feature (use online profiles even without signing up). The web app side is still on the todo list.
  • add new offline profile

Yes, found that and its not working anymore.

Sorry, I’m usually not that nagging about new features or changes.
But that’s really getting on my nerves right now.

I don’t like it. And, still missing the long promised new filters like Recon 2.0

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did you notice that there is no “-” flag in the parameter as you showed in your post?

Thanks @Mika, maybe i should calm down and read correctly before rage posting…
Sorry for that. I’m wasting time with updates and upgrades since about 3 hours and i just wanted to jump in the sim and try out the new porsche…

Now it works.


Mika, I know this is minor but will the next release have images for all sims?

We are adding them to the web application, no need to update True Drive. Its just needs to find a good point in time to put that update into the pipeline for deployment while also having all other new stuff in the web application tested and good to go.