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Mine makes noise nearly any time I turn it against torque, but with 2021.7 it’s dead silent at idle - (with 2021.8 it was making noise at idle)

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Mine is super noisy on Recon 4-5, your statement makes me believe there’s been a difference in the manufacturing of these motors over time.

I wish I had yours!

Thank you @Andrew_WOT for mentioning this - I’ll try turning off Ultra Low Latency tonight!

It could be the case actually, I have heard people complaining about noise with the same settings. Well, coming from OSW background I am not surprised, not every motor is build exactly the same.
I am also on R1, besides single PSU there was also revision of controller board for R2, not saying it is the reason, but who knows.
May be with Recon v2.0 (if it ever happens) we wouldn’t have to worry about artifacts with higher values. Still think that simple averaging smoothing filter similar to what we had in MMos could have been beneficial in some cases. But I understand GD, extra filter, extra support questions, which to use, etc.

How is 2021.9 so far, silent as 2021.7?

@Andrew_WOT yes.
2021.8 had an issue where I could hear it at idle, I do not hear this one at idle, and I tried, I used a doctors stethoscope to listen to the unit.

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To add to my last comment, My unit still makes a TON of noise while in use - but the key thing is, it’s no worse in 2021.9 than it was in 2021.7 as far as I can tell.

If you were happy with 2021.7, and want to try out the paddock stuff, then 2021.9 is the release for you.

That said, some of the features of paddock are now controlled by the web server’s update schedule and I believe a few more updates are coming for the web server, which will further improve the paddock experience, so if you’re not in a super hurry, you could wait until the back end website feature update has been pushed to production.

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Thanks I’ll try to do some back to back runs in ACC, mine is relatively quiet even at Recon 1 with 2021.7.

So far, so good. No worse than 2021.7 at least in ACC.
Thanks Mika. :+1:

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2021.9 is certainly only as noisy s 2021.7, way better than the screamer that was 2021.8. its unfortunate that the unit does make as much noise as it does but its now only noticeable when you go looking for it or playing in a dead silent room, just as it was with .7, but .8 was loud as… noticeable with game volume at a reasonable level.

pretty happy with 2021.9 in regards to unit noise and performance, any more improvements here would be a bonus though as it certainly whines more than my previous fanatec base. also ive had 1 or 2 instances now with 2021.9 when i start true drive and its stuck at ‘‘waiting for drive to get ready’’ meaning ive had to cycle it on and off before its good to go, never had this with 2021.7.

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You are not the first to report it, however we haven’t been able to figure it out. All code relating e-stop button reading, communication with the servo drive, etc. is the same and has been untouched since early 2021.

what i can say is it has happened once for sure on first start up after installing the true drive software, when the emergency stop was pressed and i plugged the unit into the wall (i always unplug after use) then i released the emergency stop but the system was stuck on waiting for drive to get ready, this was solved then by cycling the unit off and back on at the rear. i have not had it repeat, however i do see the message ‘‘waiting for drive to get ready’’ every time while the emergency stop is active so maybe the unit is not picking up when the emergency stop is released… but it does state that the emergency stop is not on anymore when released so unlikely to be that.

doesn’t seem to be a major issue at the moment but ill report back if it happens again with the exact process i did when it does happen, could be that many users leave the unit plugged in and some like myself that don’t have initial initialization problems? does the unit clear memory at all when being unplugged after a certain amount of time? often it can be unplugged for 3 days at a time for myself maybe more.

Cant open it, unfortunately