Simucube 2 True Drive software feedback thread

I am struggling to understand the issue. What happens when steering forces cause the wheel to hit the bumpstops?

In Car:
You feel the Bumpstop (100%) at maximun steering range but sometimes bouncing back forces can overpass bumpstops, or the driver trying to save a dead crash. Bumpstops forces are decreased outside steering range

In replay screen (no constant forces):
Bumpstops works as it should, reach max steering range and bumpstop reach 100% forces, pass over steering range and bumpstop forces doesnt decrease


Ah, I see! Then the issue is not this

but rather that the bumpstops are too narrow in steering angle?

I made this masterpiece. Correct me if I misunderstood.



Can i just go on previous build. I’m not so happy with this. I want to compare it with old one

Make the bumpstops like original SC1 and things will be wonderful. :slight_smile:


BEFORE Option (2020.4 and backwards) let you change the bumpstop starting point, so its posible to replicate your SHOULD BE option

Bump stops on the SC1 were like the “Should Be” that @SleipnirRacing drew… but of course it also allowed the “before option”… however the issues I think are probably just a small programming error where if for some reason the end of the bumpstop is defeated it turns off (which isn’t good) but the placement is better.

Yeah, having tested this myself it’s possible to push through a bumpstop and come out on the other side – is this intended @Mika, or a bug? I don’t know what the previous behaviour was.

This will get looked into, before next release.

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@SleipnirRacing. - what does it feel like when you get through to the other side?

I’m wondering if this is what I experienced last week when I kept getting a weird constant pull to one side after regaining the road following a hefty bounce over kerbs in rf2?

I was getting severe feedback over kerbs and sometimes, after returning fully to the asphalt, the wheel would be pulling a constant force to one side. An in-game FFB Reset while on the go always rectified the situation.

I don’t really remember the situation or how it felt, but you can just try it yourself? just push through the bumpstop. Also if you’re holding onto the wheel when going over a bump it’s impossible that you hit the bumpstop.

I have only managed to bring up strange bumpstop behavior, if one uses both the Simucube-generated bumpstop and game-generated bumpstop at the same angle. This is not how it is meant to be used, but I’m investigating if the current implementation has any unwanted side effects compared to the last one.

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Thats May be true in your side test, because TD steering range/bumpstop is 1080º or 900º. If racing cars are in play, you will never reach TD bumpstops because the game’s created bumpstops are too far away from TD ones, almost impossible to reach when the game simulates 540º or 420º, but the problem is there too.
Try to force the wheel past 900º and you will loose the forces

My 2 Eurocents: Also experienced the bumpstops failing.

While fiddling with setting up Project Cars 2, I was asked to turn the wheel fully to the left or right, till it hits the stop. Centering spring in the game was enabled, causing quite some force to overcome. When reaching the bumpstop, the force completely disappeared, the wheel turning free with no counterforce at all.

Quite bad situation if this happens in-game, especially when using a spiral cable.
This confirms Mikas findings - and for sure is something that should not happen.
So please look into this and provide an update soon, making for the counterforce not getting deactivated if you exceed the bumpstops . :wink:

Is it possible to stop each FW update resetting Resonance Reduction filter to enabled?
Not the best experience if update discards previously defined User Preferences.

Thank you


Can I ask why you turn this off?

I have more “grit” in the wheel with it on so it has opposite to desired effect in my case.

And more discussion on other negative effects of this filter

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@Mika Is there any new update on the horizon? Any new feature or bug fix(es) that could be shared with us?

There will something on social media today or Monday.

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Might as well tease you a bit.