Simucube 2 True Drive software feedback thread

I’m torn between @Andrew_WOT & @EsxPaul

It’s a development that is great is actually happening!

On the other hand, with the “simple” mode also having been added, I see no real need for it. Even the advanced filters are few, currently.
With many more advanced filters, maybe… But people LIKE sharing/discussing/explaining these things, so why the rush…

I personally would have liked to see A LOT more time going in to the filters.
Not a single new filter has been added or improved in maybe a year(aside from bump stop stuff and some bug fixes). Also the recon filter cannot be adjusted enough, so for example irffb actually works better than recon as it is now.

There is no doubt in my mind that the winners(& losers) of the current DD race will be decided on the SW front in the mid-long term run, and so it does not seem healthy with a 1-?? years break from adding & improving the critical filters.

If there was enough staff at granite working on these things, both could happen in parallel, both better filters as well as this new route. But it seems to me there is not that many people at hand & this will mean we are completely dead in the water on filter improvements & new filter development for at least another 1-?? years, while this new “sharing of screenshots replacement” is in development…

Maybe the filters are not a high priority or of any interest to develop for granite any longer.

I am a huge fan of the support that is provided here, truly incredible! But I could not disagree more to what is happening both development/priority wise as well as policy wise in reg. to Ultimate exclusive functionality(this is by far the smallest of these 2 disagreements, btw).

Personal opinion & fwiw.


I’m Really Looking forward to this and hope we can get some real racing drivers on board, and get some input from them. I’m Practicing with the ferrari 448 gt3 in rfactor 2, truedrive strength set at 100%, with ingame ffb hovering around 55/60% ffb, But I have no idea what the actual force/strength/wheel weight should be. It could be single finger light on the wheel lock to lock for all I know.

Not so keen on the single place for profile storage though, internet down/website hacked etc, could all prove problematic, would like the option to save all my profiles to a usb stick, and have a backup outside the loop altogether. I have an adata 127mb usb 1 mem stick with my banking/personal info on that must be as old as the planet. It’s survived many a washing machine fun run and is still going strong.

Anyway, enough old fogey ramblings, A big thanx to simucube team for pushing things forward.



might sound silly, but the feature I wish the most for td is a simple “undo” button to go back to the previous value of any setting…I am always experimenting with td (reason why i posted so many profiles lately) but this is something I always missed, a lot. would be great to have it, instead of being forced to remember the value the setting I last changed had before.


My apologies reg. low force performance at high vs low force setting in TrueDrive.

As some of you know I have posted my findings that it felt to me as if running the SC2 at high force provided a clear benefit at low forces vs running it at low force & using higher gain in the sims.

I have now spent the afternoon trying to reproduce directly, through using DirectInput & sending FFB signal at 200-600hz at various force levels in TrueDrive and in the FFB signal.

The conclusion from this test is that I have been absolutely, completely unable to reproduce this issue going this somewhat more scientifically correct route. Exactly as some other people have told me they did not believe this to be the case. It seems clear they have been right & I have been wrong.

I am not sure what could have caused this difference in some sims when changing forces around & I will try and find the exact root reason of that some other day.

Again, truly sorry about this and for wasting anybody’s time on it.

I will correct my other posts over the next few days to reflect this.


Hello Mika,
My idea was right :).
this is what I expect . remember , I have the sc2 ultimate .
Thank you.

Hi guys, long time away, just saw that online profile store thing and want to share my opinion.

I don’t want to comment the always online approach as there were enough comments regarding this (i am also against it)

The idea to have an online platform for sharing profiles is not bad at all but it has to be maintained imho to work properly.

If not it will be a wild mess with mostly crappy profiles, and, as others already said, FFB overall would not be better.
As a good example you just have to look at Assetto Corsa and the setup market app which had the same basic idea.

Does anyone expect to get a good setup from there? Or how long does it take to get a setup which works for you in the specific car/track combo? Who knows if its a good setup and not something that is even worse than baseline?

You can’t get a reliable quality marker with “likes” or “amount of downloads” or “amount of usage” because FFB is even more individual than car setups.

Best example for this was a discussion which i had with Max Benecke from PDS in their Discord. He, as a Top Tier Driver in iRacing has complete different needs and taste for his FFB than me.

You can bet, if there is a profile from Max available, a huge amount of players will try it and stay with it even if they don’t like it just because he, as a Top Driver has to know it better than me, the average noob.

So long story short, is there any moderation/maintaining planned for the online profile market? If not, i see this basically good idea failing because of usability.


On the other side, i remember asking @Mika back in January about Recon Filter 2.0 and overall improvement of filtering.
When the SC2 Platform startet it was a big story out there that filter development is still in early stage and many things are near to ready to make the experience even better than it was back then.
I guess @phillip.vanrensburg wrote some of this posts
The hardware base would be the only true nextGen Direct Drive Base and what could all be possible due to its advancedness

I for myself can’t remember when or if we got at least one improved filter to make FFB better. But what we got was a try to remove extended settings, a try to even remove some filters and now an online store for profiles with removing local profiles at the same time.

I know that i, as a customer, doesn’t demand the direction of development nor its speed but i would definitely love it to see these already announced features accomplished than get new ideas presented which are, in my opinion, maybe necessary but not well thought through


Yup, Recon filter 2.0 has been a loooong wait so far.

Hi all,

I’ve been involved in some of the filter developments all this time. However, the feedback from the user base of the device being too difficult to tune, has been overwhelming. Its just that this feedback is coming from different channels than the forums. So we implemented the simple mode for tuning for a start. And Simple mode will be presented just as the normal mode and the advanced -name for the detailed settings will be renamed as Expert mode. This will not affect any expert users.

However, we are not at the moment planning to remove any expert options from Simucube 2 EXCEPT maybe the Torque Bandwidth limit, as the reconstruction filter and slew rate limit do very similar thing in a better way, and having these options that do almost the same thing is difficult to maintain in code as there are unforeseen interactions of filters. But this is under consideration at this point. Similarly, when we finally get the reconstruction filter 2 to work as we like, is there a reason to have the first version still available? There can be an overlap period, but it is not viable for long term.

The first released version of the online system will have a fallback to exactly the current profile management with no synchronization between them. However, soon afterwards in a subsequent release, the current profile management system with profiles being stored on the device will be removed. Due to the community feedback a new type of fallback option with cached online profiles and manually created offline profiles (both on PC, not stored on device) is being considered for implementation.

I agree that we will need to see how we can best serve the individual needs of drivers with the online system. At the moment, a user can release a profile with attributes such as “realistic”, “strong” and “informative”, and other user can filter the available online profiles via those parameters. I think this was visible in the screenshots, but it seems nobody took a close look at them. If there are other parameters that would be good attributes, that would be good feedback for sure.

We have also got requests to be included in beta testing phase, but there is still room for people to get involved to make this system also work in the best possible way.


Mika, I know we haven’t seen eye to eye regarding this upcoming upgrade and I hope you won’t take this as me showing more negativity towards it but I think you could lighten your workload by completely removing the “realistic”, “strong” and “informative” check boxes.

These things are so subjective and I don’t think it will prove to be that informative for a user that downloads somebody else’s interpretation of those terms. The “Description” and “Game Settings” should suffice (as long as they are filled out by the author and the person downloading takes the time to read them) of course.

I like to enter a game, choose a car and load a setup, and run.
I would not like to waste time selecting infinite online setups that who knows if they are to my liking or not, that would be discouraging.
Beyond where the database should be online or PC, I think it is more useful for GD to establish some basic setup according to yours knowledge, and to teach users how to modify them by explaining parameters and with practical video examples or something like that.


Is it not possible to “automatize” some filters like UltraLowLatency, inertia, and SlewRateLimit???
Just like start the base and It does some kind of calibration taking into account PC-SC2 comm latency and wheel weight?
If possible, take your team, forget about your family and all other things and work on It ASAP

But dont erase Torque Bandwith Limit when other filters are more sensitive to overall ffb

EDIT: Im un the midle of a fight trying to RACE with the iRacing Porsche Cup, with a 2.1kg wheel rim and It is a nightmare to Drive (bumps everywhere and no tyre load, need to ramp up ULL to 19 and its more Alive but deadly), but just put a light fórmula wheel rim and its a Game changer

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Those filters are not able to be automatized. Maybe Ultra Low Latency filter could be tuned per-simulator to its optimum value (optimally stable FFB loop), but the others are so dependent on the feel the driver is after. Any changes to FFB feel due to ultra low latency mode filter are not meant to be there, btw.

Wow, It does! In ULLM is the difference between feeling the bumps in the right momentum or just when You are backwards… The Porsche Cup @16 ULLM is undrivable on my system, when @19 i can feel de tyre unload when on Air and loading repeatedly when touching ground like It should (sounds and 144fps tells me too)

Rather than remove options because users, demonstrably, don’t understand them…

…I’d prefer clear explanations of what the filters are intended to do and how they interact.

This isn’t just on the TD side of things (sim-side JSON settings are just as obtuse), to be fair, but I feel myself flailing around quite a bit in trying to adapt the feel I want across various situations. A one-size-fits-all approach to profiles and settings doesn’t seem to work for me.


To have an idea of how real cars of different types are set up normally and how they prefer them to feel it would be quite awesome to have multiple real drivers of those car types explain it somewhere.
NOT just real “pro racers”. They would optimally have expert knowledge of sim racing as well, so we have an overlap of knowledge to understand each other. They could possible explain both that & also how they might perhaps skew the sim feel bc they want to perform better or bc they want “the whole car feel” in the wheel.
So for each car or car type, they could explain what would naturally be in the wheel on:

  • Driving straight, low df (center feel)
  • Driving straight, high df (center feel)
  • Light cornering, low df
  • Light cornering, high df
  • Braking under high df
  • Braking under low df
    Then have them explain the feel from the car itself, in a similar list and also how they prefer sims to feel in similar, well defined dimensions.
    That way we would all learn something & also be able to tune it to the sound of it.
    Those experts could also provide setups to match their explanations.


Oh the settings from each sim would of course have to come with their setups to try out.
Also how the sims in general feel with good settings compared to real experience & described by the exact same dimensions.

I would MUCH prefer this over “number of likes” from whatever people seem to like, which basically just dumbs down everything imho.
No reason for the 1st 10 that are posted to be those that always pop up on the popular top 10 lists.
To me a great vocab and understanding of that would be far better.
And I would prefer “likes” to not even be possible in the online system, to be frank.


I’m not too sure what work is being done on the filters, but as a new user (2 weeks) and coming from an Accuforce here’s my feedback.

I like the software package as a whole. It took me a bit to understand what a few of the sliders do and for the most part I find myself sticking very closely to the provided defaults.

The area that I would like to see improved is the Reconstruction Filter. For iRacing higher settings are needed due to their 60Hz update rate. However, in other titles like ACC for example I find myself wanting something between “off” and “1”. The “1” setting seems to provide too much rubbery feel while diluting some of the tire feedback while “0 or off” seem to provide too much graininess. Something in between would be nice. As a whole the filter seems very aggressive.

Just my 2 cents.


Can you put DirectInput filters side by side? For games like ETS, Wreckfest etc

I agree, especially true in the case with ACC’s very subtle tire-scrub / understeer effect. It is very difficult to detect with minimal filtering while still experiencing some harshness in bump detail.

I’m on SimuCube1 but still, I believe it’s an issue with both systems.

Can someone tell me a good test case of bumpstops acting funny? I can’t repeat any strange behavior at the moment.