Simucube 2 True Drive Paddock Early Access

I have Paddock profile active.
I launch Classic. I get the popup that Online profile is active, do you want to switch to Classic mode, and I answer OK, and I get Classic mode.
Then I close True Drive, and launch Classic again. I do not get the popup and can use Classic mode directly.

I fail to see where your issue is.

Yes if I do it in that order I get the same result as you but if I turn the base off and close True Drive then turn the base on and open True Drive I get the prompt about the online profiles

And after downgrading to 2020.10 True Drive now crashes when cycling the base on or fails to open if the base is already powered on

I had been using 2020.10 up until yesterday

I’m trying to get the the point where I dont get the prompt no matter what order I do it in so I can downgrade the firmware as I suspect this might be the issue

It seems the base is defaulting to online mode when power cycling the base

Then you have set a default profile to be an online profile. You can set a classic profile as default and save settings.

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My base gets stuck in ‘waiting for drive mode’ when starting in classic mode. Paddock works great though.

None of this works. I have tried multiple times to save settings and change profiles but I still have the same issue. It seems the base is defaulting to online mode which probably explains why 2020.10 doesnt work anymore after downgrading

Thanks for the report. I will investigate this,however just this was tested before release.

Terribly sorry, ignore my last statement. I may have misread what you said. After setting a classic profile as default it worked

Sorry for the misunderstanding

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Interesting - the firmware is same in both, so perhaps it is some usb communication / timing issue that messes up the state machine on the device side, if you have True Drive running at startup. I couldn’t repeat this issue, and of course it will be fixed already in Simucube firmware 2.0.

I think it has to do with when it switches between offline and online, since if the default profile is offline then starting in paddock mode causes it to hang. But I guess it doesn’t matter since classic will be gone soon.

Please what would be the discord link?

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I really admire you for coming back to say that you missed a step and that things are working.

It not only makes the internet a better place, but no doubt will help both Granite and the user community in troubleshooting similar issues in the future.

Thanks for being awesome!


We have a private conversation on Discord with Dave. I do not remember which discord server(s) are common to us.

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Continuing the discussion from Simucube 2 True Drive Paddock Early Access:

I just wanted to correlate that another user is also experiencing the need to quickly adjust force of Paddock profiles.

Original post: making the case for the need for super quick force adjustments:

Post from another user with a similar user experience:

Knowing how GD is working since SC2 release, It is possible that yours request may be not executed. Dont take It personal but just like the “minority” we are on this forum.
GD must have better consultants outside of the official forums and as a general rule they use the forum to make announcements, answer questions and some other technical support.

I eagerly await since June 2019 the day that there is a substantial change in the filters.
In the Sport, more than 17% Inertia friction or damping is unnecessarily high and useless unless you want to mimic a 17Nm Logitech Momo.
Recon Filter predictions are not the BEST out there… above Recon @3 the calculations/predictions can smooth the signal at expenses of creating fake bumps and the consequence fake forces.

Now with Paddock ver. im tired of reading that we will loose True Drive, we will loose eeprom stored profiles, we will be forced to a worst experience than the original one of 2019, and not a single improvement over the FFB effects or feelings, other than the new generated internal noises.

Is this dual CPU arquitecture powerful enough? I doubt It… after 2 years not a single step forward, just steps backwards and sidesteps. Servo tuning parameters and some patches here and there to solve issues ( bumpstops anyone?, Your SC2 feels diferent after update?)
Now, 2 years since release, we are in the starting box again now with a new “jacket”


Quite on the contrary. Now that we are finally getting rid of unneeded complex profile management on the device side, we can focus on better user and more modern user experience in True Drive - an interface where we can integrate also our other upcoming products and their settings, instead of it being just taylor made for Simucube 2 only. Not to mention that the Simucube firmware 2.0 will be pretty much a complete rewrite that actually enables us to develop and iterate new filters much faster than before. One of the first additions regarding new functionality is coming soon, but only for one simulator at first.

There is no EEPROM on the device at all. We used a sector in the flash memory of the microcontoller, with limited number of writes (10000 guaranteed). So from end users perspective it will not matter where the profiles are stored. It will be better as a cloud system will have unlimited number of writes.

It will be much better user experience at the end. Compare WinAmp from 2005 to Spotify today.

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That is not a “quick need to adjust strength of Paddock profile”. If user wants less force, then he should select a Paddock profile with less force. :slight_smile:

However, we are considering adding additional overall device gain slider that would not be dependent on the profile being used. Possibly even removing the FFB gain slider from the profiles.


Thats true, right now if you change Overall Force in any profile, you must fine tune Servo Filters again to adjust to the new forces.
Thats the very first reason I dont download any profile from anyone because, at the end of the day, Im forced to fine tune that profile to my liking…

Other things that are being developed, are advanced wireless wheel module (a page is up in our wiki for that, see if you can find it), and some FFB tuning via funky switch for wireless wheels. These are already in for the Firmware 2.0.


What is ‘less complex’ about online profile management in comparison to managing them locally on the device? Genuine question as I’ve never used paddock.


Winamp has great vizualizations though aaand…tbh you can’t compare a free file player with a service you pay for. Like iTunes and peer to peer​:joy::joy::joy: