Simucube 2 True Drive Paddock Early Access

@Mika after updating to the latest version 2021.8 I have the problem that my wheelbase somestimes get stuck during intialize.
I have to switch it off and on again and then its working.
Is this a known issue after the update?

Same here. I have to reconnect the base to make it work sometimes.
I am on Pro R2. Never was an issue before the update.

Thanks Mika!

@Mika and team, I’m really excited for these!

This is great, I worried about this a bit with the old system - this new approach makes a of sense for me, and I assume the cached profile’s will work for those with spotty internet access.

@Mika How long after release does it typically take your wheel making partners to adopt the new hardware? I see the date on the module is back from March, are you able to share any details if partners have gotten early access to these? I’m really excited at the prospect of wireless analog paddles and just a few extra inputs.

I do not know. I know that the image is not from the first production batch, but a prototype.

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Is it true that only Tero can work on FW side filters and your job is mostly UI?
At least I remember you posting that Tero is busy with other project thus delay on new Recon.
Can also explain why in the meantime resources were channeled to Paddock instead of more critical functional features.

Hi, good morning @Mika.
Sorry for the question as it may seem imbecile, how are new firmwares available?
I have an Ultimate from Oct/2020.

Just download the latest release, launch it and the firmware update will pop up.

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Not true.

Paddock was considered the most critical feature judging by the help and support needs that our resellers got from first time users that do not want to tinker with settings. Also, the firmware was a bit difficult to understand due to code being complex and very difficult to extend. Thus we have also rewritten the code in the firmware almost completely, and this enables us to be more effective (not as steep learning curve) for future development.


Not sure if this was that post on Tero focusing on Recon 2.

Focus on new first time users is important, but not at the expense of making life more difficult for others, after all most of the advanced users tuning own profiles are long time loyal company customers some even from OSW days.
And again, “new first time user” is just a temporary state.

With very few changes by making online mode completely optional and the ability to use and easily edit local profiles you can perfectly cater for both.
That online or bust stance is just a perfect way to aggravate people same as coerced vaccination.


It must be remembered that GD is a company, and as such it needs new clients to sustain and grow.
In my case, in 2019 I was a new user, I had to invest many hours of reading both in this forum and in others to understand how to use the filters, to be able to know how to make them to my liking. Today, I do not use the online mode because I already have what I need and I am satisfied, but this new mode in 2019 would have been very good for me.
On the other hand, I feel that from 2019 to today little or nothing has changed in terms of the use of filters and the appearance of new ones.


The Paddock mode is just more modern, not any more difficult. It is as difficult as you want to make it, though, if you want to resist online registration and such modern things.

Hello, I just updated the new True Drive version and iRacing crashes randomly. Is anyone experience something similar? Never had a crash before (clean installation a month ago)

Edit: Simucube 2 Pro V2

What type of crash is it? Is Simucube still functional after a crash?

iRacing crashes. True Drive software and Simucube still working like a charm. It started just after installing the new version of True Drive (maybe it’s a coincidence, but no more changes on my PC were done).

@Andrew_WOT I’ve been thinking about this and I think reconstruction filters serve a transitional purpose but likely have limited or no long term use.

A few years back, ALL sim racing FFB signals was geared towards belt drives. It seems that some of the best work in the early days was in the ‘reconstruction’ filtering that attempted to rewrite a signal meant for a belt drive into one that would give a similar or pleasing experience on direct drives.

With ready to run direct drive wheels entering mainstream adoption now, the user base of direct drive wheels is high enough that all studios are now coding FFB to direct drive wheels. It won’t be long before the need for reconstruction is a thing of the past.

That said, I think simplifying the new user experience makes sense, as a new user myself, Paddock was definitely a feature I looked forward to.

@Mika is there a way to reference an online profile in a blog post?
ie, is there a URL that can be shared, that when clicked will open truedrive up to that profile.
I’m thinking of similar systems like github desktop, where you can click a link on github, that opens the github desktop app, and passes in the needed info to magically clone a specific repo - whatever that mechanism is that lets the url link in the browser launch the desktop app and communicate the url to it.

I could see this being helpful for many enthusiests forums/discords/blogs/videos, where someone might do a review of profiles they like with links to each one.

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@Mika I’ve updated nvidia driver and the problem is gone. I’ll let you know if it happens again

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