Simucube 2 True Drive Paddock Early Access

well, iRacing still scales its forces so that if you reduce forces in game, there can be dangerous full force hits when crashing. Although they did put a crash force limiting function in during the last year or so. So, if you are not using the highest possible forces when driving, there is no benefit of keeping full torque in the device.

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Hello Simucube2 Community :slight_smile:
I am a happy user of this great DD Wheel since Februar 2021 and didnt regret it one second. Still driving with the 2021.1 (without any issues) but very interested in the Paddock funcion. So downloaded the 2021.8 + True Drive Paddock Version and unpacked the zipfile. Didn’t find a instruction how exactly to update. Do i just have to run the exe file? What about all the other files? Sorry for this beginner question…Cu on track :slight_smile:

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Just run the exe file, firmware update will pop up. You might want to export your current profiles one-by-one to separate ini file and import the ini files when you create your new profiles in paddock.


Also check out the file “tray_icon_and_command_line_instructions.txt” - it tells you how to get truedrive to start automatically

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Mika - I’m missing images of BeamNG and Wreckfest, are those missing from truedrive Paddock?

Also, in the online view of various profiles, I see the users name and icon.
In the user view of profiles, the names and icons are missing - this makes it hard to tell cloned profiles apart from the originals.

The only other feedback I’d have as a ‘new user’ was that it was a bit confusing not being able to alter profiles that were downloaded - I ultimately figured out I could clone an online profile and then change what I had cloned. I wonder if there’s a way to streamline this in future releases.

I do have one question - if I use an online profile from another user, and that user updates the profile, will the one I am using receive those updates (assuming I’ve not cloned it on my side)?


Now that Paddock has reached the “masses”, I am confident that the new beta-testers from R2 are going to bring a great insight into how the new Paddock feature should work.

The comments / complaints about improvements and functionality remain the same since the very early version, so I deduce that it is still the same as always, functionality wise


We are working on some improvements. Namely,

  • Quick Try -feature to test profiles without adding them

  • Some other UI things, such as more game icons and updates to existing ones.

Yes, you will get a notification dot on that profile and a button to get the updates.

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Would be really nice if you could simplify life for people not willing to publish anything online, or even linking their devices to to the cloud.
Cached profiles is the right direction BUT needs some work still. See this


Im an offline driver (mostly) and a bit old so my gigs are fullfilled with obscure games that no one would create a profile for.
Then, im continuosly changing my IPS provider so my net is not working sometimes on every year.

Im out of Paddock club for sure, and my SC2 Will remain as day one, like an old trusty donwgradable PS3 Fat


Hi Mika , just some feedback on 2021.8!

Had to go in regedit again after upgrading from 2021.7 as i was back to the white window. All works again after removing reg keys!

But when opening paddock, going into profiles, and trying to choose what sim to search for in the pulldown menu, made the program freeze.
If i choose a random profile first, then the pulldown works.
It can happen every other time i restart the sw , but not always.

Not a big issue, just wanted to give feedback.
Very happy with the paddock so far!

Thanks. We may have to revert some things regarding saving window position, Qt does not seem to do it properly. Or we need to do some workaround so that every time new version is launched, the keys are deleted before trying to use them.

2021.8 makes my Pro R2 motor whine and the tone changes depending in what position I have my wheel in. If there isn’t any fix for that soon I rather go back to 2021.5.

I tried some of the features that Paddock brings and uploaded my profile, that all seems to work fine. However, getting to the tuning screen is now more steps away and we have to edit our settings in a tiny pop-up screen with scrollbars. Not exactly ideal. I think the main focus for this program should still be adjusting settings and that has to be straightforward, easy to access without having to go through additional screens.


I don’t know how well this comes across on video. Note that when I turn the power off with the e-stop (that’s the loud click) it’s silent, until I turn it back on. Then the whining noise starts again plus additional noise from the motor.

Hi Dave,

As explained on the discord and on the release notes, the audible noise is perhaps slightly more audible in this release, but we are working on re-instating the improvements after we verify that they were not the cause of persistant problems for some of the users with all 2021.x releases.

What I can comment, is that the main usage of the application is to select settings and drive. Constant tuning all the time is not a popular feature for large majority of the Simucube 2 racers.

Getting the tuning sliders to show is literally one click which is not a large hoop by any means. Selecting a profile is now one click (it used to be two) and getting the FFB tuning window is also one click (it used to be 0) so end result is pretty much the same.

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I’m still on 2020.7 using pretty much a single profile for my iRacing use. Do I want to switch to this new release yet? I wouldn’t want to pick up new noise for no real benefit.

I do understand where Dave is coming from on the extra clicks.

Mika, please don’t underestimate how many people want the ability to make quick changes. This is I believe especially a sensitive topic given that your main competitor makes it very easy to do this right from the wheel. I am constantly adjusting the force amount so I don’t injure myself. Each profile online is different, some are made for the sport, some for ultimate, some for stronger people, or people with heavier or lighter rims. I cannot see a future where people aren’t messing with settings even more than ever before now that paddock lets us try other’s profiles. Anything you can do to make this easier, especially when it comes to adjusting or capping out force feedback strength, would be appreciated by at least one customer (me) and I suspect many others as well.

That said, I did notice after a bit of fiddling, that there is a wrench icon super imposed over the game graphic that takes you right to the edit pop up, and that did save me a step provided that I already had duplicated a public profile to make it my own.


I’ve discovered an issue

I installed the lastest version of True Drive, logged in and used paddock. I then tried the classic version and got a pop up saying online profile in use

I decided to downgrade to 2021.7 hoping to use the classic mode but I still get the same pop up

I then downgraded to 2020.10 which worked but now True Drive crashes when turning the base on

Could you please explain to me how to get the base out of online mode so I don’t have to be locked into using paddock


You will just need to answer “OK” to the popup, it will resume Classic mode and select the “read only safe profile”. It actually says that on the popup.

I am getting the pop up everytime I open classic mode, I’d like to not have to do this every time but I’d also like to go back to 2020.10 which I was using perfectly fine until updating to 2021.8 but True Drive keeps crashing as I assume the base is still in online mode.

I have selected “go to offline mode” but I get put back into online mode when opening True Drive. Please tell me how to fix this as I dont want to be forced online and would like to go back to an older firmware


so you go back to online mode when you launch the Paddock version? or what happens exactly? I will be testing this right now.

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