Simucube 2 True Drive Paddock Early Access

It is time to officially release cloud based profile system, that was formerly known as Profile Online. We chose to give it a more distinctive name as we intend to add more community-like features there, not limited to profiles.

Early access will be enabled for Simucube Sport/Pro R1 and all Ultimate models.

Download here:


General status of work:

  • We are implementing a way to set always the same default profile when device starts.
  • We are implementing a fallback to offline profiles (cached from online) mode.

Both of these have been started already.

Also, there is a bug in the web app, that does not send an active profile to device until the user clicks the My Profiles button when the app loads. This is being worked on.


Hi Mika, did you manage to enable the .txt file sharing function along with the online profiles?

You mean having any files attached to a profile? It is on the idea list.

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Download link has been added to the opening post.

For Pro Rev2 versions, when do you think you will allow access Mika?


The current exclusivity to ultimate and r1’s for now is to limit to a smaller user group while it’s in “early stage / testing”?


R2 units will be allowed at some point during the summer.

hi mika, i just received the base, which version of true drive should i install? thank you

We only offer support for the latest released version.

ok then I download the 2021.4_4 grzie

Hi, so first time trying TDP :

  • wheel position doesn’t show in the main page (is it because I didn’t login yet?)
  • speaking of login, it’s been half an hour since I request the mail to reset the password, still haven’t received it.

It will show the wheel position after the online app sends a profile to the device. For simplicity, all other profile data is not downloaded from the device at all to prevent rare crashes that people reported.

Did you register via google login or via a separate email and password?

Trying to get the latest TrueDrive to work but seem to be struggling, TD Classic works no issues but the TD Paddock opens a window that states “program not responding” …I have installed the Microsoft’s Visual Studio 2019 via link provided, rebooted etc, uninstalling and reinstalling but get the same blank window every time.
Windows 10 64-bit, system is completely up to date.

Via my personal mail

Thanks for report. Make a shortcut to the .exe file, add a parameter log into the end of the target field in shortcut properties, and launch via the shortcut.

Then a log.txt file gets generated. Send that file or its contents to me or here.

Message sent Mika …

Ok, got the log.

Somehow the programs seems to hang when trying to connect to the device.

Is it any different when the Simucube is turned off?

Tried both on and off but same issue, I will try disconnecting / reconnecting wheel completely from PC, will let you know if any change shortly …