Problem after Win10 update + noise coming from motor


You could check if the wall socket is grounded. The best way is to call a certified technician and check those things. Electricity is no game and you should always be cautious. An otger simple solution is to use an apc pm5-gr that has an indicator about ground. If the indicator shows no ground then it shows either a ground problem for the specific wall socket Or with the ground in general. Either way call for a technician to fix it. Now if the ground shows ok , you could try an automatic voltage regulator like the apc le1200i , you don’t need a ups.


hi guys, so it seems that lately most of the time the motor is behaving well, way better than when I started this thread. FFB feels smoother and more precise, those are the parameters I changed on Granity :

MUL and DIV = both 100
MPP = 480 (I have 480w/48v PSU)
MCC = 12.900
MR and ML : I performed the automatic measurement which gives MR = 2,898 and ML = 8,578

After I made this changed FFB feels now pretty good, but still it has like a sort of “grainy” feel, like the wheel itself has sand internally that moves when steering.
Also, I keep seeing this on Granity testing page :
“Last limit reason Voltage limit”


This, if it could be of any help, is the entire page :

From what I’ve read on Granity wiki : “Voltage - drive was unable to deliver desired current because HV DC bus voltage was insufficient to overcome motor’s back-EMF voltage and other voltage losses. Increasing HV DC voltage might help to eliminate this.” In fact as you may see I raised HV bus voltage to 49.50 VDC - with FOV = 51.00 and FUV = 30.00 - but it keeps appearing this message of Voltage limit.
Am I doing something wrong? Maybe I shouldn’t have changed HV bus voltage directly turning the screw on the PSU? Is there any parameter I should modify of the ones I changed by myself?

I still have to buy any UPS or voltage stabilizer, in fact I was thinking about a simple over/undervoltage filtered power strip.

Thanks to anybody will reply.


If it is the only issue, probably the Power Supply is slow to start and the IONI servo drive sees it as a fault when the system is still booting up.


Thanks Mika, so how could I fix this, if there is a way to fix? Also, can I keep HV bus at 49.5 or should I take it back to 48 as it was originally? is there any noticeable difference?


No difference, and you really should not be messing with the power supply voltage. Doing so while not adjusting IONI over voltage fault threshold beforehand might cause permanent damage.

Fix is to set the motor settings as they were before.


I adjusted overvoltage threshold accordingly to the hv bus, with the exact same ratio as it was before :
48 hv bus --> 51 fov
49.5 hv bus --> 52.5 fov
Anyway, I’ll set it as it was originally.


You will also have to set up the encoder as a serial encoder, type biss-c, 22bits,and adjust motor current settings.


You had correct parameters for the encoder and current settings in this post:


you can use the correct parameters as mika tells you , and just do the automatic measurement for MR and ML . Voltage limit most likely is due to setting MCC 12.9 ( a bit high )


Hi guys,
so after some times it seems most of my problems have been solved, motor noise seems under control and almost totally gone, ffb feels natural and good as it was before in most of sims but AC and iracing, in which persists a background “buzz” no matter the levels of ffb I choose both for simucube and ingame. This are currently the only two sims in which I can feel this ffb disturbance, because in rfactor2, ams, r3e, projcars2, dirt rally1, rbr, gtr2, f1 2018, even acc (those are all the sims I currently play) in all those sims I never felt this issue. I am at the point that I am not playing anymore my two fav sims because of that.
for ac, I thought it must be some problem related to content manager, so maybe in the next days I could try to uninstall both ac and cm and reinstall from scratch and see if this works, but how could I try to solve this in iracing?


Just uninstall content manager and you have to check the ini files that have gamma inside them if they are correct. It should be enabled=0 , type gamma and gamma at 1 . also cgeck direct dampening at 0 in the config or set it at 0 before you uninstall content manager. You could try irffb for iracing.


Hello Loukas, thanks as always.
So I will try uninstall CM, I guess that would fix issue with AC.
I just looked, Ihad Gamma at 0.5, everytings else equal to what you said.
those are the settings of CM and the ones on assettocorsa.ini :

But what I found to be very strange is iracing, I never ever changed Simucube iracing profile settings since the 1st time I created it, also never changed ffb settings ingame (I mean linear mode etc…) but still I got that issue.
Also I read that irffb isn’t really meant for dd wheels…am I wrong?
ps. next week I am gonna change some stuff : I will receive new cockpit - simlab gt1 evo, so an alu profile rig that I hope it will cause me less emi problems than my current one, then I will order a set of fully shielded cables from simracingbay, along with new usb cables and new power chord for Simucube.
As you may remember, I am still using the cables that I received from the guy who sold me the 1st dd kit; also, regarding this fact, I always used a tripolar 10a power chord because that’s the one I got with the case from the guy, but a friend of mine who also got osw told me that’s not the standard cable supplied with new dd kits, and that I should have received a schuko chord instead, the one I am gonna receive now from srbay.
Could this cable have done some damages / caused some of the issues?
Lastly, returning back to iracing, is there a way to erase all the content on my pc and download everything from scratch like if it would be a normal steam game?
thanks (and sorry for the messy post, I just have no time to read and correct everything :slight_smile: )


Is assetto ok now?

Irffb works for iracing.

Iracing did some updates so it could be that. Could you show your current settings ?


I am trying right now to uninstall cm, but since it is not something added to the game like an .exe application, is it enough to delete it from the game base folder? also, I installed sol and light patch through CM, I would like to delete them too because I want to eliminate every possible interference with the base game.

As for iracing, this is my app.ini file (for the part that concerns ffb) :

this my simucube profile (I always used this settings in this profile, never changed anything) :

and for the ingame settings, I checked linear mode and reduce oscillations, as usual. also I tend to drive around 40nm ffb force.


Let’s focus on assetto first. Before you try to delete these mods and content manager. Have you enabled hatdeare lock under axis ingame? Have you set both in simucube and in content manager the same degrees? Also try gain 40 instead of 50 just for test and also try without filters (ioni or direct) in simucube and also reckon 1.


I never changed any AC settings on simucube or ingame and on cm before and after having this problems, never change a single setting. Already tried lowering reckon, but 4 is the minimum value at which I can have enough smoothening of the ffb.
but to answer your questions, yes same degrees off course, no I didn’t enabled hardlock, never did, and I always used the same ffb force before and after.


Ok set max degrees in content manager , i think 1180 or 1080 i don’t remember, tick hardware lock and set the same degrees on your simucube. Reckon is subjective so whatevwr you like , but you don’t need that much filtering that"s why i told you to set them at 0. I also told you to lower gain just to be sure you aren’t clipping.


All right, I’ll do that asap, then I’ll tell you if something will be changed for the better.
Then we’ll discuss about iracing :slight_smile:
thank you very much


A bit road effects and slip effects also don’t hurt.


uninstalled cm and everything related, AC problem solved, ffb returned as it was.
Now for the hard part, what about iracing?