Weird stuck to bump stop after getting hit in rear in GTR2

Why using 240 dor? When I tested gtr2 I used 540, it worked fine

To match the in-game steering rotation and to presumably experience the ffb as they had intended in 2006 on those kinds of low rotation wheels.

This isn’t just a ‘stuck to bump stop’ issue. This is a weird bias of the SC2P towards the last angle you turned more than 30-45 degrees towards.

It’s quite easy to make happen. I just go around tight enough a corner and on the next straight my wheel is pulling to the side of the last corner usually by about 10 degrees or less but it’s noticeable, I have to work against it, and if I don’t work against it the car will go off track.

I tried 360/540/900 degrees, tried disabling all possible options I could find, re-set the wheels control assignments in-game, nothing seemed to fix it.

Just trying AMS2 right now and it’s OK, no problem with rotation bias that I can detect.

Is it some bug in handling old games ffb?

I had a similar problem with my old OSW with race 07.
Try inverting the FFB, this fixed it but may not work in your situation worth a try though.


I’m familiar with that setting, it’s not the same issue. I tried reversing it and it did what I expected (drives like you’re on a barrel and pulls to the outside), then I unreversed it and it felt normal.

It’s like somehow the SC2P thinks it has a new wheel center and centers around that. So odd.

What is your Overall force in TrueDrive profile? Bumpstop force = Overall force**

What TrueDrive version? Some 2020.x versions (the last ones) are buggy in regards of bumpstops

Forget about my last words (just on this specific case), because if im not wrong, GTR titles are using DirectInput Friction Effects, right?
Try lower values in that slider

Latest TrueDrive 2021.4_3

I prefer the wheelbase at 100% and use in-game to set its own force (52% in GTR2).

I guess I’ll experiment with wheel strength and bumpstops.

Here’s everything:

Ah, I found the problem. There’s some sort of bug happening with DirectInput Effect Fine Tuning. They were at 100% when the problem occurred but when set to 0% the problem went away.

These are valuable effects to have in older games, particularly Friction and Damping, as I sometimes prefer to set those in-game as it makes it more universal and consolidated for other people to apply.

So it seems these DirectInput effects are pretty wonky with the SC2, eh? I have another thread where Square Wave effects cancel all steering column forces.

Even just setting Friction/Damper 100% and the others 0% the problem returns.

Interesting: When I pause the game and slide Friction up and down 0 to 100% the wheel rotates as if friction were telling it a new center point? If I slide the other effects this does not happen.

Okay, tried again with every DirectInput effect 100% except friction and the center point bias problem was eliminated. So there’s something up with Friction.

Darn, was hoping I could reenable Square Wave effects but nope it still cancels steering column forces.

^ SimBin Square Wave FFB Cancels All FFB To the Wheel

Adding SC2 friction successfully replaces the DirectInput Friction without causing the centering problem.

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Told you!
My hopes are low in regards of DirectInput filters

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yep, what is even stranger is that with old osw di effects worked really well, as intended…

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Is there a proper way of going about sending in bug reports?

To us?

We are monitoring this forum.

However it is impossible to work with developers of games that ceased to be developed more than 10 years ago.

We do know that some games seem to be using some effects directly in a wrong way compared to Directinput specifications, and are considering some workarounds.


We do know that some games seem to be using some effects directly in a wrong way compared to Directinput specifications, and are considering some workarounds.

That’d be great, thank you

I have DI Damper, Friction, Spring all zeroed out in all my profiles.
Things get wonky if title is using them even in modern titles. Check DR 2.0 for instance and what happens when friction is not 0.

Given that the other effects are working is it perhaps an issue with the SC2 implementation of the Friction filter, rather than a bug in how the game delivers it?

My 2015 AccuForce never did have a problem with any of these effects. OSWs didn’t have problems, apparently. Makes me wonder.


You are a Lucky man that not need Emuwheel to play Forza Games!

Because Emuwheel, a less than 10 years software, and Forza Games (pretty actual Game) makes use of DirectInput Friction effect to create wheel center point.

Why talk to developers when beta testers like US are trying to help?
Give us some tools and good communications between GD and us will do the rest.
Problem here is SC2 is not capable to delivery what any other wheel in the market can.

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That’s interesting. Why do they do that? I would think friction should only be in effect when wheel rotation is happening?

It actually worked just fine with Argon OSW. Haven’t tried it with SC2 though.

This happens in GT Legends even when I set all DirectInput Effects to 0%. It can happen when you hit a car or hit a wall or, it seems, just any sharp movement to one side.

Is there some programmatic check for “overly fast acceleration of rotation” and responding with some safety response?

It’s really not overly fast it’s fine and it’s only really less than a 90deg rotation usually.

The problem is often it turns all the way to the left and sticks there and you can’t get it back. You have to exit the game.

EDIT: Also happens in Race 07

I’ve discovered this bias happens in GTR2 even with all DirectInput Effect Fine Tuning sliders at 0%. When I turn the wheel to center it turns with a mild force to the left to the bump stop (240degrees).

It does this even when I unassign the controls for steering in-game. I recall something about wheels remember the last command and maybe that explains why it turns to the left in the menu? When I exit to the race menu the wheel stays where I move it, so it seems like some force in the game is turning it to the left.

^ I guess this is a side issue. More importantly this bias can happen in-game when any time the car hits something or gets hit, apparently.

I can get this bias to happen on demand by striking barriers at a slight angle at speed. I don’t get it. Is it some high force bias in some formula in the TD/SC calculations?

Edit: When FFB is set on Low (Steering + Grip) it does NOT exhibit the steering bias but when I set it to medium or high (medium adds Friction+Damper+Rumble Strips) the steering bias starts when I strike a barrier or whatever. This happens regardless of disabling DirectInput Effects in TD and also still happens if I completely zero out Friction/Damper/Rumble params in the PLR.

Cheatsheet for GTR2 FFB levels:

Low: Steering+Grip
Medium: Adds Friction+Damper+Rumble strips
High: Adds Brake vibration
Full: Adds Throttle vibration+Steering vibration

Edit 2: It seems the “last ffb command” may be related. I don’t know how ffb works at a programmatic level but if the wheel is remembering the last command it also seems to be remembering the slight force from a bump while the car is moving and it affects the steering angle. It’s not like the wheel continues to move to the left, it’s that it makes a new center for wheel, just a few degrees left or right, usually, although sometimes when I hit a wall it sharply and strongly takes it to the bump stop (240degrees). When I exit the race sessions back to the main menu the ffb seems to reset and then when I go back out on track it has the proper center. So, something is being remember and something in TD or SC is creating a new center out of it. And it all starts when you strike something while driving. Note that I drive in invulnerability so it’s not damage.

Here’s my TD profile: GTR2_2021.05.12_23.43_ini.txt (869 Bytes)