Simucube firmware 0.50.x feedback thread


Lets see what latency will be with no filters and recon 1. Also we can try this test with diffrent PC or diffrent USB hardware. Eg. StarTech USB 2.0 PCI-E card vs StarTech USB 3.0 PCI-E card… etc. Which USB card give us the lowest latency… Is there any difference…?


It was not a “possible 0.58 ms” - it mostly hit that low number, but was mainly very, very jittery and it made it impossible to develop good feeling filters for Simucube 2. We have retained this improvement for Simucube 1 as well, as some of the Simucube 2 improvements are coming.

The update loop that actually updates torque, which is then converted to current on motor coils on even higher rate, runs at 1250 Hz on the IONI servo drive, so updating that with higer rate does not have significant benefit. On average, if the torque updates would run 1750 Hz with huge amount of jitter compared to stable 1250 Hz (0.8 ms), the updates are now (0.8 - 0.57) = 0.115 ms later. That can not be feld…


That’s what I was saying, even if humans are an amazing species I very much doubt people can feel it. Does the effect filter update affect non directinput effects? Not sure if that’s maybe what’s felt.
Then again this could also just be placebo fodder.

I did notice beano and someone else recently said they felt oversteer easier on the sc2, but I feel like it kinda falls into the same pit of possible placebo. Especially when talking about iracing that doesn’t model traction loss, they’d have to feel the ffb pulling in the other direction better than sc1. It should definitely be easier to correct for a slide intuitively if a wheel provides more information to your hand, but just how much better can direct drives get?

I’ve definitely considered upgrading from my sc1 to sc2, but right now the lack of supply and the QR thing is holding me back.


I sent him what I thought was the latest Granity.
When trying to connect via the enable disable button I got a missing .dll error.

I thought about it last night and sent the guy a message to make sure he had both USB cables plugged in. I have not heard back yet.
Thanks for responding! :slight_smile:


Result with my Hirden 2500ppr 25Nm max, SimuCube 1, Luisi steering wheel 315mm 1265G with QR no filters, Driver 0.54c


Maybe someone wants to know what is the latency in DD1?

  1. OSW(Mmos) 2.368 ms
  2. AccuForce 4,881 ms
  3. SimuCube1 (firmware 50.4, recon 5, filters on) 5.008 ms
  4. SimuCube1 Hirden motor (firmware 50.4c, filters off) 5.840 ms
  5. G27 5,918 ms
  6. SimuCube2 Pro (filters off) 5.969 ms
  7. Arduino Leonardo 6.969 ms
  8. G25 10,014 ms
  9. Fanatec Podium DD1 10.996 ms
  10. DFGT 11,936 ms
  11. TX 11,963 ms
  12. CSW V2 12,632 ms (drift 0)
  13. SSW 12,792 ms
  14. T500RS 14,600 ms
  15. CSR 17,851 ms
  16. CSW V2 21,959 ms
  17. GT3RS 24.005 ms
  18. DIY by smogf 26,894 ms
  19. T300RS 43,964 ms


Test without rim, DI Spring effect is needed to perform the test correctly.
On first test I did last week I achieved a latency of 0.0001ms but it was a faulty test i suppose…


Repeat this test with the rim pls. Now we can compare SC1/SC2 with DD1.[DD1]()


See my reply here why this is an unreliable test. Perhaps people will now understand the repeatability and other issues using it as a benchmark…and this was all on the same pc, different ports. Go to that post reply of mine, there are a total of 7 tests.


Thanks Phillip - makes sense.

I feel a little bad that I think I made a couple of comments that started this entire ‘measurement’ trajectory and as you have pointed out it’s not at all reliable. :roll_eyes:


Beano you are a legend in our society and we feel big respect to you, but for some reason you want to discredit RFR-WheelTest soft. Only your first test/diagram SC2 Ultimate was correct, the rest was not. Are you saying in your PC on one USB port you have ~ 990 Hz and on the other~ 930 Hz? Tests like that are worthless. Please tell us how did you get ~ 930Hz on your USB port? What was the trick?


Mirek, I am not sure what you feel I can gain by discrediting the software. I am discrediting the method if application, I.e unscientific test-conditions, not the physical software itself.

Wrt the differences in USB frequency, I have answered that question already asked by you in the other thread :wink:

I can only give my observations and first-hand experience here, feel free to use whatever sw you want…but please be aware the results are meaningless the way the tests are conducted.


Here is earlier answer to your question about USB port frequencies:

Blockquote Hi Mirek,
First test was on the std motherboard USB port. The subsequent tests however, I was using the ports on my hi-speed USB pci-express card, with a dedicated controller per each port. Even the results were a bit strange, the latencies were generally lower. But note the variance across the 4 ports on that card…the card I have is the costly Startech USB 3.0 card, see here:

Blockquote That’s why I say, if we want to compare results between different dd wheels, the only way to do it basically would be to test all on the same pc, on the same port, perhaps even going as far as to restore the same OS image between tests.

Blockquote But, with that said, a more scientific way would be the backroom tests guys like Tero at GD is doing…I cannot go into more detail, but those are pretty scientific and based on empirical maths/data/results, as opposed to the variability of sw across a spectrum of pc’s and associated variables…


Found some strange behaviour while starting the configuration tool (v0.50.4c). It opens and then closes automatically within a couple of seconds.

Luckily I’m a software dev and trained to analyse these kind of problems :thinking:

So I tried starting the tool in admin-mode (the account I normally use is NOT an admin for security reasons). It then opened with a popup window with an empty(!) EUL agreement. I clicked YES, the tool started, did not crash and the update wizard was shown (which I cancelled at that moment). That’s not all though… Every time after accepting the EUL, regardless of wether I started as an admin the tool will exit within seconds.

After deleting the “EULAAccepted” entry in the registry and starting the tool as admin it will start again with the EUL agreement and the update wizard

Version 0.11.2 runs without issues (as non-admin or admin user). I’m running Windows 10 Home 1903.


Strange, we must test the thing with non-admin user at some point soon.


Thanks. If you need any more info or testing on this issue just let me know. I will not be upgrading to 0.50 at the moment as you can imagine :wink:


Are you implying that 0.11.2 works for you? We only updated the Qt version. The code related to the registry key handling comes from Qt.


Correct. Here’s a screenshot showing it:


Same problem here for me versions 0.53 and 0.54c…I thought it was Windows10 problem…
And when I center the wheel in the software the picture of the steering wheel is shaking during a little moment…


Strange indeed.
Myself and 3 others that have the same Simucube (SRB - small Mige with SinCos/Biss-C) do not have such issues.
All are on Win 10 1903.

So it’s most likely something other than the Simucube or WIn 10 that you have on your system that my friends and I don’t.
Something is interacting in negative ways for you, but with 4 other data points (and likely a lot more) that are not having these issues, the logical conclusion is that it’s not a problem with Simucube.
It’s another program or process that’s incompatible with Simucube otherwise the forums would be lit up.