Simucube firmware 0.50.x feedback thread

Post feedback and questions here.

Thank you, Mika and Granite, for the new firmware and continued support of SC1.

Working perfectly on this large Mige with SinCos. Upgrade was seamless from version 11.

50.3 all good here too, no issues discovered other than those from 50.2 mentioned to you, Mika.

Thank you for efforts!

Upgraded fine to 50.3!
Animation of the wheel in the UI i do not notice it being any smoother, not that it matters though.
The desktop centering spring force definitely was nicer in the previous firmware though imo.
On 11.2, it was possible to set the spring to have very moderate force, which was constant over the whole
steering range, and kicked in as soon as the wheel was some degree out of center, so in any case the wheel was returned to center reliably, and in moderate speed.
On 50.3, the force that can be set, ramps up as the steering angle increases. If set to a low value (e.g. 10%), the centering spring is too weak around 0°steering angle to actually turn the wheel, so does not actually center it. If you leave a game with the wheel sitting at eg. 45° it will stays right there. And if the centering spring is increased, it kind of snaps the wheel back to center from higher steering locks with too much force and velocity.

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We are working on improvements to the spring, but we definitively want to have just one slider for its strength. Thanks for the feedback!

this just effects desktop spring, so really of little importance when actually racing?

I’m tempted to update if the new FW is an overall improvement in actual in SIM feel update:
“Much more stable torque update rate to the servo drive, results in smoother force effects”

I wasn’t currently planning any wireless wheels.
I really like the look of that very cool formula style rim on the images of the SC2, but no idea when and where it’s available?
Unless it’s the Ascher F28-SC rim which is for the SC2, but will it work with SC1 if the add-on bluetooth module is inserted into the SC1 board with this current FW?
That I would be interested in!

I’ve been looking for a good formula wheel, will this Ascher wheel work with SC1?

Thanks again Mika for the update.

Hey Beano

Any of these issues you mention major?
I’m a gluten for new FW, so if it feels better than 0.11.2 on my SC1 then I’m willing to try

Its available on since this Thursday.

Yes it will.

thanks Mika! So looks like I would just need the BT module and another wheel side q1r and that would be about it.

No, very minor and cosmetic only :wink:


Nevermind: I thought downgrading resolved it. Must be a Shaders Patch issue, as it randomly started doing same thing. I apologize for the post—not a Simucube issue.

I’ve encountered problem on 50.3 with Assetto Corsa. Using Content Manager as launcher, AC would crash at end of track loading, exiting to Race Cancelled. It would do this at moment first output to wheel when track loaded. Wheel would then continue to torque left until Simicube powered off. With Simicube off, Assetto Corsa would load on retry.

Downgraded back to 11.2 and issue resolved.

Maybe changes to DI filters?

Hi guys, so do you recommend updating firmware on small mige osw or is it better to wait for a more stable release? anybody already did that and can share improvements, if any?
thanks (y)

In the release notes says:
This release is only recommended if user wants to use Simucube Wireless Wheels.

For others users, we recommend waiting a bit until we have more extensively tested this version

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There has not been any issues reported, but since we didn’t have time to do extensive testing, we decided to put that disclaimer in. I would guess that the disclaimer / warning is going to be removed in a week or two.

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I quickly tested the new firmware yesterday (big mige, biss-c).
I tested with iRacing and Assetto Competizione.
I noticed a huge improvement in “solidity” of the ffb, particularly noticeable during oversteer or waving in a straight.
With previous versions there was always a point right after the change of direction, in which the ffb went completely “empty” before pulling strongly towards the other side.
Now everythings is smoother, with less peaks but much more “substance” underneath.
Force is always present. Everything comes together much more naturally then before.

…just my experience…
great job, so far…


i have not noticed this. is this with iRacing or Competizione ?

Tis particular feeling of ffb slightly “falling-off” during sudden direction change was mainly noticeable in iRacing for me

might be placebo, as nothing that could affect that was changed…

…might be…
It was and still is a great experience.
But, to be honest, both myself and a friend of mine (with exactly same setup) noticed the same thing, and we pointed it to the “Much more stable torque update rate to the servo drive, results in smoother force effects”.
Could it be that? (of course we did not changeg profiles and we made a before-after test on same track, same car, etc.within 5 minutes.

In any case, placebo or not, I feel something different and I like it a lot.

I have this issue with AC. Game crashes after loading screen ends. I am on latest beta 50.3. Is there any way to downgrade the software to previous beta?