Simucube 2 True Drive software feedback thread

I cannot confirm that this only happens when you press the save button.

I definitely had 360° spin while just using a slider in True Drive while my car was still on the track in iRacing.

And as i wrote before, sometimes it occurs when i press save, sometimes it occurs when i start the base with TD waiting (mostly when i had shut off the base with a different profile than the autostart profile), sometimes it occurs when i change a single setting without hitting the save button, sometimes it occurs when i change a profile.

But not everytime i do those changes

Totally random.


Thanks for the feedback


I made some videos today to show you that it occurs even when i not hit the save button, so you can see that its no nonsense what i say :wink:
Sorry for the crappy quality

What does HW Revision Unknown mean on the info tab?

We are not updating that field in the UI at the moment.

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Are you recalibrating-recentering the wheel every time the 360º error happens to you?
Looks like you saved some profiles with diferent calibrations-centers and TD fails.

When 360º error happens to me, I force the wheel to the original center point and change to another profile with the good center point. All my profiles have the same centerpoint

Edit: add to my comment that TD does not like to drag the bars with the mouse, every change is sent to SC2 and its possible to saturate it with lots of changes in a second

No, all my profiles has the same centerpoint. Nothing else would make sense, wouldn’t it?

But you can clearly see that the centerpoint changes while i move a slider.

The bug can happen any time a drive setting changes for me. So that includes touching a slider without going near the save button. The only reliable solution is to boot up, re centre when it inevitably goes off-centre on boot up, choose the correct profile and close the software for the day.

This is all well and good but it really sucks that on the fly changes are made too frustrating to bother with. I can’t believe we are still talking about this bug. Given how “safety conscious” granite is with the low torque boot up and beeps the 360 bug is a glaring error that really could hurt someone by snatching at a finger if someone is not informed on these forums. This bug should be the top priority over all other features.


I’ve also posted something similar a month or 2 ago.
Hit my thumb with quite some fore :frowning:

After all, I do not move my wheel when changing values.

Not a big deal but looks like True Drive executable missing Copyright and version info, it’s all empty.

MMos for comparison

I don’t think center position is part of any profile, it’s on separate tab, most likely global setting.

I know and us, customers, only knows that center posistion is messed up when changing Filters or profiles so there must be some relationship

hi, yesterday for the 1st time i’ve seen error 420001, I cleared it by pressing the estop. it happened while i was testing some bumpstop values, i wanted it to be less hard; so when i was turning all the way to the right to test those values, the wheel went past the bumpstop and the error occoured.
never happend before. i’m on sc2 sport.
also, why the date of my last telemetry update isn’t changing? no matter if I update it every day, it remains like this :

We will investigate this for the next version.

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What is this telemetry ? It’s data for GD ? from the game ?..
I’m still on the 1.0.10… I’m waiting the 1.0.14 to update.

It is anonymous technical data from the device.

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With upcoming fix for No telemetry consent, will it stop collecting the data and turning off torque?

Yes, but collecting data does not happen when there are force feedback effects active. We will maybe replace the torque off with new torque calculation iterations instead so it will be transparent also when on desktop.

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Ok, I see.
Thanx Mika ! :+1:

Slightly off topic Mika but I remember you saying before the Summer shutdown that there were some big things in the pipeline for True Drive that you hoped would release later in the year, have we had these updates yet? I’m not in any way disappointed with the wheel as it is, just excited about what else could be squeezed out of it via the software!