Simucube 2 - Supplied USB cable


Are all supplied USB cables supposed to be the same?

I was just viewing some pictures from another user on the Virtual Racing forum that show the parts he received in his Pro package. It shows a USB cable with 2 ferrite cores attached. Link here :

The one I received seems to be thinner and has no ferrites.


It might be something that the reseller has put in the box.


Thanks, Mika

Just to be clear, do you mean that GD doesn’t supply those cables and the cable supplied is left to the discretion of each supplier?


The default cable is included in the box.


Is the cable with ferrites as shown in the link above the default one, Mika?


I do not know that detail.


Thanks for your replies, Mika.

What I am trying to find out is if you think the cable I have should be ok in terms of eliminating the chance of EMI.

For reference…

Cable received by another user:

Cable received by me:

Quite a difference!

I know you have many more important things going on at the moment but is it something you or one of the team can look into at some point.

All I can assume is that either your supply chain changed somewhere in the process or the reseller might have changed it as you suggested earlier.


I know that’s not a solution but you can put some ferite cores on every cable. You can find them really cheap.


Thanks Loukas

I have just ordered some clip on cores and will give them a try.

It’s a shame that we are receiving different parts when this was supposed to be a unified system :thinking:


My usb cable supplied with the SC2 pro has ferrite cores and is highquality in general I would say. Its the same as in the first picture. (Simracingbay)