Simucube 2 Pro PROBLEM

Hello everyone! I have a problem with my Simucube 2 Pro that I have had for 20 days.
Until yesterday everything worked perfectly, but today a problem has appeared that I try to explain to you:
while driving, and on all the simulators I use, after having traveled a curve to the right (where a bit of force feedback appears) I just rotate it slightly steering to the left (approximately -15 °) creates a “TUC”, which is perceived both as sound and on the steering wheel, as if it were a step (very annoying).
Then, once he has made the “tuc”, everything returns to normal, that is, turning to the left, the step is gone, but reappears again after the first curve to the right … As I said I tried on several simulators (iracing, rf2, ac …), I tried to change the settings of true drive, turn it off and on … the problem persists. I really hope someone can help me. For now, thank you.

Just go over ell the bolts, tighten them up, rim, quick release etc. I had similar issue on my SC1. A ”knock” when i was steering.

Maybe this link could help:

I had similar issue,tighten those two outside bolts and knocking sound and feel didappears.


The outer bolts affect the spring force on the QR pin. How loose was the pin?

I can confirm, had the very same issue and tightening those bolts have solved it. mine were pretty loose, in fact the pin was very easy to remove.

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I had qr pin guite loose since I got my pro and I have to tighten approximately 2 full turns those screws. Then it settled. Now pin is tight. I haven’t touch middle screw.

OK, there seems to be quite a bit of manufacturing tolerance in those screws then. We will work to improve it.


thank you all guys. problem solved by tightening the screws


I have had the same problem on my sc2pro with the “knocking” sound while driving. I wonder how tight the pin should be, I followed the instruction video, but loosen the screw 270 degrees is not working with my case, I have to make it to 30 degrees to eliminate the knocking sound, and the pin feels hard to take out. I use a 10cm extension and Q1R quick release to the wheel. Is this matter?

I had the same problem on my SC2, and tightening the two outside screws of the pin fixed it. I also use an extension…

I had to make an account just to say - THANK YOU. Fixed it for me. Oh, feels great again! I was thinking it’s me wheele!