Slight knocking sound when rotating wheel

Hey guys, just started to realise a slight knocking sound coming from directly in the middle of the motor when I spin the wheel. Is this normal? I never noticed it before.


Have you seen this thread:

It could be you are experiencing the same issue and need to check in the two screws that secure the quick release pin.


Definitely coming directly from the motor… Not the quickrelease

it’s like a very soft clunky sound when moving the wheel around in a circle

Here’s an audio clip of it:

Skip to around 12 seconds if you dont wana here me say hello. This is the sound when turning left, with it powered off.

Which is the reconstruction force filter number?
Which is the torque bandwidth?

It sounds a bit strange indeed. Perhaps there is a mechanical issue. You should contact your reseller.

Heres a video of it

Are you sure the motor is properly attached to the bracket and the noise does not come from a slack?
Because as far as I can see you are using an M6 bolt and nut instead of the M8 bolt.

yes is attached properly… they are m8 bolts… the ones that came with the kit… they are tight

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Alex, any news? did you solve the problem?
On my new SC2 Pro the same problem, only a little quieter

Unlike the knocking I’m getting a graining sound from my Pro unit (see video). I can hear it when the motor is turned ON and OFF and it’s also slightly noticeable (by feel) in the steering wheel. I have to mention that when I spin it multiple times it seems to disappear but comes back again when the motor is being used.
Could you sort of explain a bit what is going on and do I have to worry about this Pro unit? I’ve only been using it for two weeks now.

(servo motor is turned OFF in the video btw).

the video wont play…

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Okay sorry, maybe this works:

That doesn’t sound too good.

For comparison:

My servo is silent when not powered on.

It’s also silent when powered on and in high torque mode.

I’m not able to turn the wheel as freely as in your video when powered on and in low torque mode because of the additional damping. It is still silent though.

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I’ve seen another video on youtube with a similar issue.

I hope this gets resolved swiftly as it sounds like a fault. Mine also is totally silent and smooth to turn. No noise what so ever.
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Hmm so my concerns are definitely correct… I hope the guys from Granity can comment on this. I bought the unit from Simracingbay so I wonder how I can return it in case of a failure. Suppose they have a sort of RMA procedure?

PS. In the video the motor is powered off. When it’s powered on it’s also heavy to spin, like in your case (which is normal I think).

Yes good point. I saw this particular video later, after my initial post. That thread doesn’t really give an answer or solution to the problem. I also removed the SQR to make sure the front plate of the motor wasn’t rubbing the SQR hub

Hi Johan, That does not sound good . Suggest you contact Simracingbay as they are the people to start the RMA process. Hope this gets fixed quickly for you

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I suggest you guys simply remove the front dove-tail on the shaft bush, then tighten the bolts on the clamp adapter in a cross-wise fashion…I suspect the culprit here is the hub-adapter rubbing against the servo-face, tightening the bolts will move it a bit further away from the servo-face, as it uses a conical clamping method.