Simucube 2 PRO mini sound/vibration

Hello everyone,

I have a question I hope you can help me.

In my simucube2 I start to notice (I think it started to heppens now but I cannot confirm 100%) that when I turn on the base meanwhile I not touch/turn the wheel, when the base is on and turn the wheel to left (I don’t know if it happens turning to rigth because all tests I did were turning left) I feel a mini hit with a little sound. Is dificult to explain but is like if the axis where a little glued and when the wheel is moved, it is unglued.
It only happens one time when I turn on the base, then I can use with no problem, no wierd sounds, no wierd vibrations.

Checking in the forum, I saw this thread Simucube 2 Pro PROBLEM and remembered me a little my issue but seams that the issue explained on this theard is the next step to mine.

What do you think guys, is this something about I need to worry?

Thanks you very much.

I editted this post to comment that I also tested with no wheel attached to the base in order to be sure is not any well attached screw in the wheel. The sound come from the base.