Gap and klunk sound in right turns

So i have a 1 week old sc2 PRO with a wierd problem
Ffb in left turns no problem .

But when turning right and drivning on kurbs or bumpy road i can hear and feal a ”klunk” ”dunk”

I need help to locate whats wrong
I have tripple checked all bolts . Qr and clamp
Motor mounts rig corner brackets !
Its only when turning right !!! Can’t stand it

I play acc with acc snappy fbb profile from online profiles .
Have the same problem on raceroom to

Anyone had this problem ?

Regards Mattias

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Can you recreate the sound when no sim is running, with just truedrive active?
(try rotating until you hit the bump stop)

The idea I was thinking of is to find a way to recreate the noise reliably, then you can try to listen to different parts of the wheel and wheelbase to narrow down where it’s coming from.

The obvious things are the screws in the wheel side quick release - there are a bunch of them and it’s easy for one to not be fully tightened.

I’ve heard people report a slinky like sound during extreme FFB operation but never a Klunk and Dunk unless mounted on something like a desk or a wheel stand.

I will try that . I dont know what else to thigten
I have Loosen and thigten all skrevs again .
Including the shaft Clamp

I play on 100% in true drive and just 30% in acc

No pin here .

Is this play normal ?

My friends does not have any play

Take a look at this thread and specifically the third post down.

It might be that you need to make some adjustments to the two screws that keep the locking pin securely in place.

As mention . ALL bolts are tripple checked .
Even tried to tighten qr adjustment bolts all way in .
Still makes the sound (can’t even remove the pin then)

Must be wrong tolerance on the 2 qr parts

Sounds like you’ve checked everything, so it could well be a manufacturing error.

Perhaps your next step should be to contact the dealer you purchased from and see if they can send you another QR to compare.

While you wait for that to happen, you could try to place some thin card between the wedges so you can still use the base without the annoying sound.

My reseller has sent an mail to granité .
But no answe yet .

Im gonna try without qr and check if its quiet then

Im gonna try this and see the outcome

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This does feel like you may have found the root cause of the problem!

Mine is a pretty good fit, even without the pin.

In your video, are the pieces pushed all the way together?

Yes they are .
It do feel thigter the second it hits ”bottom” but as soon as you twist it this happens .

Must be to ”large” tolerance
My friend tried 2 of his qr and did not have that mutch play

Sounds like you’re on your way to a solution.
Is your friend nearby?
At the point I’m wondering which piece is out of tolerance.
(ie the wheel side or the motor side)

I think we should replace both parts for you. Lets continue in the support ticket.

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Thank you . My reseller has sent a mail to your support . ( last week)

I will show them this thread to


i havethe same issue. its only during high ffb and right turn. and only during some iracing gameplay. mine is not the wheel side i can hear it inside the wheelbase and feel it through the wheel