Simucube 2 Discussion Thread


Hi Alessandro can understand why you are not happy .i think just a update from GD is all you need and you will be happy even if it is a August delivery time .Hang in there …It is WORTH the wait …i have been SC1 small midge biss c for 2years and just upgraded to SC2 PRO . Already faster on all the tracks i drive on in RF2 the feeling from the wheel is fantastic…So much better than sc1 .:grinning::grinning:


Is that for the limited Batch 2, or Batch 3? My reseller told me Batch 2 was limited to about 10 units per reseller due to limited production size.


i got a similar info that the amount of units in batch 2 is extremely limited


Missing games are Project Cars 2 and KartKraft


I have to climb out of my seat every time I restart Windows and turn Base on and off?


This is a known issue that we should be able to fix in the near future.


okay many thank you Mika


For only 99EUR you can buy the premium E-Stop, to get an on/off button. If and when they’re available.


Buy a cheap wifi switch for each device, then from your seat you can switch on and off any deivce you want.


I see everyone talk about the SC2 Pro and Ultimate,am i the only one that uses the Sport maybe?:laughing:
Anyway coming from a G29 wheel and my first ever DD wheel i can only say its amazing,i have alot of research to do about the settings…wich will be better explained later on i saw already but im enjoying every bit of it atm.
Only thing for me also is the QR mounting,i did send a request for the updated one but i actually never had an answer back…if and when they are gonna send them out.
Otherwise im a happy SC user :heart_eyes::sunglasses:


I hope can add a on off switch to e stop by myself if some one share the wiring diagram. That was the cheapest way.


No, you are not alone with the simucube2 sport :wink: Also coming from a g25 wheel i am still searching for the right values, but the driving experience is already great. best thing in my opinion is the static force reduction filter, driving at 75% overall strength is more then enough for me and hitting the curbs don’t kill me always :grinning:


just for info. After change from SC1 to SC2 flies out with me the fuse. Will try this evening an inrush current limiter


Unlikely to happen. I remember that someone asked for the schematics here before. Let me see if I can find it.

Edit: Here, @Jacky asked for the schematics before: Simucube 2 Discussion Thread
I’d like to add an on/off button myself, without having to pay another 100EUR for the “premium” e-stop (which is essentially just a 2EUR button add-on over the normal one).

It should be pretty easy to figure out, though. We only need someone with the premium e-stop to take a picture of the plug (which goes into the base). Comparing that to the normal e-stop will tell us which pins are used for the button.

See @Mika’s answer below.


There is a IC circuit in the premium switch as well.


Ahh, bummer. I was simply expecting two times two contacts which needed to be shorted. Kinda like the power-on & reset contacts on a motherboard.


Thanks Leandros , maybe the WiFi switch is a good choice.:joy:


Haha i want affraid there wouldnt be anyone :grin: but yeh its so great,i dont know wich game you do most,im mostly only on iracing.
But i actually leave my overall strength too 100% all the time and play with the force reduction also,and if im right if you have problems with kerbs you should tweak with slew rate limit,but not too sure, im sure others here can tell.


yes could also solve another problem. When I have turned on my socket strip, the fuse flies out. I never had that with the SC1. It worked with the uniTEC 41748 in front of the socket strip.
Now it only has to work that the software does not crash


This morning I received an email from Augury simulation that my order will be part of the 3rd lot with shipment scheduled for August. The thing that bothers me a bit is the fact that I did the order on June 6th when I was still in the preorder of the 2nd lot. The cause is a limited number of items sent by the manufacturer.