Simucube 2 Discussion Thread


Hang in there. It will be worth it!


Hey Beano now that you are back home. Being the only person on the forum with the Pro and Ultimate I believe I’m not the only one interested in the differences between the two. I have a Pro reserved and wondering what are the differences besides the 7nm? And what the extra filters of the Ultimate bring to the table?


Can you explain in simple words :slight_smile: how this low latency mode works and what it does?


Hang on if you can, Alessandro :slightly_smiling_face:

I really can understand your frustration but those days will soon pass and you’ll receive a motor that you will love for years to come.

I would say there is also a good chance that your package will include the revised QR as GD will have had some extra time to source the upgraded parts.

I had originally ordered and received a SC1 which turned out to be faulty so I never got to use it. I had to return it and in the meantime, the SC2 was announced so I pre ordered. The time between me ordering the SC1, returning it and waiting for the SC2 to arrive was around 70 days.

I was seriously frustrated during that time but I’m so glad that I ended up with the SC2 and I hope you will feel the same.


well guys, despite all I said, I guess I will wait anyway and get my sc2 at last.
so, I will put my complaints apart and get back to the serious matters, cause I would need someone to explain me something related to the specs of the Sc2 Sport - the model I am waiting for.
From what I saw, there are a few differences in the Technical specs between the Sport and the Pro, namely the “Adjustable torque slew rate limit” and the “Non-linear force saturation”, which are two features missing for the Sport model. Also, the Sport’s “Max torque slew rate” is half of the Pro one.
Could someone kindly explain to me what does this features means and what does it entails for the Sport?
Also, it is known that the max torque for the Sport is 17nm, but I can’t find any mention about the holding torque figure.
Thanks to anybody will reply, and yes, I may have been a little too much oppressive in my complaints, but I really can’t wait to have this jewel in my hands :slight_smile:


Yes, It’s not easy to wait. I know because next tuesday it becomes 3 months from my order date, and almost 2 months from last official delivery update. You are at least geting updates…


what??? where do you ordered from mate? it sounds really too much…i would have asked refund a long ago


Something we are working on now…


now THIS is awesome!


at the moment, there are these profiles added.


Please remind me if any particular profile / game is missing, particularly those that need additional steps in game config file etc. I do know about AC/ACC missing :slight_smile:


for AMS you need - at least for osw - to replace the realfeelplugin to smoother the ffb signal and basically set all cars’ smoothin level to 9, otherwise you would need to set recon > or equal to 8, it also need to have some modifications on Controler.ini, mainly becuase ffb signal is inverted and other stuff too.
I took those settings from here :
(quote to @SKeijmel)


great idea, we will include a “settings by” or “thanks to” field that shows in the UI :slight_smile:


Btw. If I remember right, some other sim hardware manufacturer compromised their hardware delays with bonus…

That crossed my mind too…

Fyi: my reseller confirmed a 5 week delay. Batch 2 will leave the warehouse 2nd week of August.

Seriously? And still no official statement from GD…
When i turned my back on Fanatec i was full of hope that things going better from now on but i think i have to realize that these Simracing equipment dealers are all the same.

I spent more than a thousand euros to a product which i wait now for more than two months and it seems that i have to wait even longer with nothing than “ask your reseller”

Is it only me or is that quite a bit rude for a customer who spent that much money?

My reseller told me on the day i purchased the simucube that i can get in within may. Now its july and i have nothing than weak excuses.

Please Granite, express yourself, tell me when i get my already paid product


it seems we are already a good number of people who are waiting at least for some statement…and I am also glad I am not the only one who is feeling let down by all this.


At this rate, we might get lucky and get it by Christmas guys!!

Sarcasm aside, it’s disappointing to hear about the delay but it looks like right now there’s a wait on nearly all high end sim racing gear right now. DD1/DD2 has a wait until August, Accuforce V2 has 3-4 week wait, Ascher Racing wheels are out of stock, Turn Racing wheels has a 3-4 week wait, and good luck finding Heusinkveld pedals in stock. My point is there’s a wait for all quality gear. I’m annoyed that I have to wait an additional 3-5 weeks for my SC2 Pro but I know it will be worth it. An official update from GD would be nice though. But for now, my trusty G29 will have to do!


that’s exactly the point.


Took me lass than 10 days to get my Heusinkvelds.


Heusinkveld was like in stock every week over like 3 weeks, I haven’t kept up since. this is new if somebody hasn’t noticed.
It is a bit weird that their delivery update hasn’t been updated since original batch when it says they’ll update it twice a week. But I guess it was only for first batch, and this is why they’re now pointing people to resellers, even if they provided batch information themselves in the past.


yep, last update on 10/6.
anyway, why on this whole thread there is not a single reply about this delivery situation made from some GD guy? we’re just basically talking one another with no replies by the ones actually involved in it. is there at least a reason for this? not pointing my finger, I am just asking out of curiosity.


Built-in 30mm spacer
Is there any additional place I can buy it?