Simucube 2 Discussion Thread


and the worst is that it is rumored that second batch could arrive in August. who knows when the 3rd batch arrives…


This is the statement that my reseller got from GD:

“we have faced some unexpected challenges with Simucube 2 batch 2 assembly. The batch is on its way but due to the lack of some critical components followed by the factory maintenance break during coming weeks we are estimating a 3 week delay in shipping the products to you. This means that the shipping will start during the week 31 ( by the 2nd of August) .”

If shipping starts on a friday, i think the packages will arrive to resellers sometimes in week 32 which means that in best cases delivery to endusers will happen in week 33 which is mid august.
That suits the post from @alessandro85 from jun 30


Shipping within EU takes 1-2 days, well maybe 3, but definitely not 3 weeks )))


A shipment to reseller is typically on a cargo pallet, which is usually slower than regular packages.


I’m 3rd batch waiting list , the reseller put the shipping date on September and no confirm date.


Cross our fingers​:crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:


yep Revan, I am aware of those dates. ordered from Simtag and apparently I was lucky to be part of 2nd batch having bought the last remaining unit of Sport for this batch, they told me they will have availability around 5-8/8.
but every day I am still thinking of asking refund and buy again an OSW like the one I had before, the idea of facing another whole month and half without a wheel is pretty daunting for someone whom only hobby is simracing…


buy some wheel like T300 and sold it when SC2 arrive


Not true. I watched very impatiently my wheel go by truck from Slovenia to Norway. 1 week.
That was a week I regretted gimping out on freight options.


Mika,what causes slow production?Manufacturer problems or shortage of accessories?


Thought to answer to this a bit.

Well, there are reasons. Always reasons for issues / delays.

In short it is shortage of certain parts. However it does not make sense to discuss those in detail here.

What I can say is that we have worked hard and are working hard with our suppliers to meet the demand. One way to say this is that even in normal conditions, the demand is in many multiples compared to SC1 generation products. We could not currently produce the amounts of SC1 motherboards to meet the demand we get with SC2 generation products. Now, that might be so and possibly people think “well, okay, that goes without saying, it is much more attractive product”. However it is also relatively much more complicated product with all the details that go to the supply chain, production, assembly and testing and distribution to the customers. Nevertheless, we work on supply chain, production and distribution so that all the hundreds of workers that take part in the supply chain, production, assembly and distribution & sales do their part and that the tens of thousands of kilos of products will be delivered to the customers over the globe during the year 2019. It will be done, but it takes time to get the locomotive moving with all the mass it has, but it will get its speed after a while, it is already moving though may not show to the customers or other stakeholders yet so visibly.


Does anyone know if the simracingcoach thrustmaster to osw adapter can be the simucube2?


You need a Martin Ascher adapter or similar.
Or wait to rev. 2 adapter.


There is now an official update on batch 2 on the Simucube website. Thanks for the update GD team!


When might that revision 2 adapter ship to batch 1 owners? What will be included with it? What might that process look like?

Directly from Granite or from the re-sellers?


Thanks a lot, like A LOT, for the update, both here and on the website, I would say it was about time.
Just a questions, when (on the last update on the website) you say “we expect most of second batch to be shipped to resellers by 2nd of August”, do you mean 2/8 or the second week of August?
Anyway, thanks again for the update guys.


That’s awesome to hear. Congratulations. I’m looking forward to many years of happy Simucube 2 ownership.

There is now an official update on batch 2 on the Simucube website. Thanks for the update GD team!

Perfect timing, it’ll arrive exactly after my holidays, when I’ll have a lot less time to drive it. :expressionless:


I assume you are talking about the conversion board and quick release? Unfortunately, this will only suit a mige servo motor shaft. The SC2 servo shaft is a different diameter.


My SC2 pro has been on order since batch 1 was released - just missed out on batch 1 as I waited to make a decision to purchase and have since sold my SC1 as well.

Personally I am happy to wait as long as long as it takes.


Thanks, do you know if it could mount the conversion board WITHOUT the quick release?