Simucube 2 Discussion Thread


Is this restart required only after you have driven another game? Or when exactly?


I just make order few day ago. Now I’m 3 batch waiting list, and the reseller put the shipping date is September. I have sold my simucube 1 set :joy::joy::joy:


Buy a used G29 while waiting :wink:


To be honest i tried AC, but it killed everything. I wrote about it in other thread. I had to re-install fanatec driver and vr driver. VR driver still not accepted correctly. So, anyways, no it’s not after some other sim. It can be clean start of windows, or after pc sleep. Usually i turn on pc, then wheelbase, then crew chef, TD and iRacing. And then i start driving i don’t feel any ffb, so i have to turn off SC2, then on again, then enabling high torque, then choosing setting in TD, and after all this i can drive. I can’t select TD setting right-away, cause it’s grayed out and no ffb, so first i have to choose some other setting and then change it to one i wanted.
Sorry, hope you understand my writings)))


Is this the issue where the SteamVR consumes just huge amount of resources when the game starts and the FFB effect creation commands do not get through to the device?

In iRacing, it is usually enough to uncheck and recheck FFB checkbox, no device restart needed.


Regarding True Drive, we have fixed a bug recently, which made it impossible to switch profile on the first try after device restart and True Drive was running. The fix will be in the next release.


I’ve seen already you mentioned this FFB checkbox in-game, and tried it already, but no luck. Only hard reset helps.:thinking:


the setting in iRacing does not do anything if you don’t click OK in the dialog, and reopen the dialog, and put the checkbox back.

I’m just trying to figure out if this is indeed something new we are seeing, or just a known issue. We do have a known issue that makes iRacing hang/crash on startup, and are working on a fix for it.


Those who have some resonance sound issue with Simucube 2 Ultimate, please PM me today - there is a specific firmware fix that we want people to try.


Hi Mika,
Sent Dropbox link to me, I just got back from Spain.

I can test first thing in the morning :wink:


Will try this later today. Let you know.


you already got mail from Joonas.


Yes, Mika, it works this way. Thank you!


need help. For Codemaster i need the id from Simucube2. I mean someone has writ here but i cant find it

<device id = “{0D5A16D0-0000-0000-0000-504944564944}” name = “simucube” priority = “100” type = “wheel” />
this is for SC1 but i need it for SC2
iRacing FFB run
rF2 FFB run
GRID Autosport FFB run
KartKraft FFB run
Dirt Rally 2 FFB run
Dirt4 FFB run
Forza Horizon FFB run with Gimx
F1 2018 FFB run

okay find it


Fyi: my reseller confirmed a 5 week delay. Batch 2 will leave the warehouse 2nd week of August.


great!!! 2 more weeks delay!!! I think it’s time to celebrate, don’t you think?
this whole story is becoming a joke, a bad one indeed.
think I’ll ask for a refund.


Taking decisions under emotions is not best solution. We all waited for SC2 and trust me it worth waiting.


Hang on … it’s worth it. :wink:


guys, I wanted to trust so bad in granity and sc2, really. i owned an osw therefore i perfectly know what we are talking about. but I am kinda loosing hope and trust in this. sure, I was the one who made the mistake to sell the osw and buy sc2 with what i earned from it, but it was the only way i could afford it.
if those new dates will be confirmed, it will be well over 70 days since I sold osw and bought sc2, because the day i decided to sell osw the sc2 was scheduled to be delivered in less than 25/30 days, but now it would be more than double the time of waiting.
so, i am not making any decision based on emotions, i am deciding that my > 1k euro could be better invested into something that will allow me to return actively to my only hobby and passion.
I strongly believed into this project, I would have never sold my osw for anything else in the world, but I decided to do it anyway, but for what? it wasn’t surely my plan to spend over 1k to hear “just wait and something will eventually happen, we don’t know exactly when, and you will have to find informations about it by yourself, cause we are not gonna say anything about that, so just pay and wait”. that was not my plan.


Hi Mika,
I simply luv 1.05, very subtle, but significant improvements in the filters, especially around the Center behaviour. Jeesh, the optimisation is working very well, thank you.

A few slight tweaks to the low-latency filter and nirvana awaits :wink:

Also the new profile-behaviour ( I tested iRacing one) is a nice feature, should help newbies a lot.