Simucube 2 Discussion Thread


Official updates are via the resellers and via the blog on website.


@Mika I’ve already replaced my SC1 with the new SC2, noticing these delays on new deliveries, I’d like to ask you a question. Were there hardware revisions? Even minimal …


All the electronics parts for batch 2 were ordered a long time ago. QR parts will get revision 2. Some mechanical assembly parts were missing / delayed and caused additional delay due to factory maintenance period. Some issues / delays may sometimes cause multiplied delay in production but not always.


There is nothing about a delivery date for batch 2 on website.
My reseller told me end of july for batch 2 but with reduced quantities for resellers.

I read about a delay here, missing parts there, factory maintenance and so on, no one knows something for sure.

I would say its time or an official statement to clear things up.

Can this date be met?


Thanks for the quick response. For us of the first batch when you plan to send the new 70mm mounting frame?


Frankly, I found very odd that a producer is totally charging the weight - and thus responsability - of making any statement about delays in delivery time on the resellers, which if I am not wrong are merely distributors of a product you are putting on the market. I always thought the responsability of communicating and informing the customers must lie upon the producers, not the resellers, it really doesn’t make any sense to me.
I am big fan of granity team and (maybe) always be, but my opinion is that a manufacturer like you are shouldn’t treat very poorly all the many devoted customers that believe in you and your efforts, or else they wouldn’t be here complaining about those delays.
I want to clarify this : I am not complaining about the delay, in such a type of product it can be normal to have some, I can’t understand the reason why I must discover that my SC2 is going to be delivered 3 weeks later because I casually read a post made on Facebook by a vendor that is not even the one I bought the product from; if yesterday the post would haven’t appeared on my feed, I will be waiting for a delivery due in about 10/15 days as planned.
Say whatever you want, this is my personal opinion, and it sounds really crazy to me.
I was really close to ask for a refund and either buy another OSW (I sold mine when ordered SC2, really bad move) or going straight to the competitor for how much I was pissed.


ps. Last update on the delivery section of your website has been made on 10th June, time to make a new one maybe?


So have you contacted your reseller?

When I’m waiting for a new car/GPU/guitar/etc I contact the dealer who I placed the order with rather than trying to get hold of the manufacturer.

That’s also what I did with my SC2, my reseller was very patient and good at keeping me informed.


My story. I made my order April 9th. May 14 I got email from my reseller, estimated delivery 2-3 weeks from email date. 12th June I asked new delivery estimate. Respond was " No clue". I’m still waiting… Since I’m actively reading this forum and finding some info myself, I’m not worried too much. I don’t know does my dealer get the info or not. Anyway, it’s not get passed to customers.

Btw. If I remember right, some other sim hardware manufacturer compromised their hardware delays with bonus…


Wow, I’m sorry you are having such a long wait. You placed your order a day before I did so I can understand why you might be frustrated.

Hopefully you will receive your unit real soon and if it makes you feel any better, I would say you’ll be really pleased with it once you have it in your hands :slightly_smiling_face:


Resellers don’t have any information, either. I contacted mine after @alessandro85 made me aware of a potential delay. I was told to keep an eye out for an update from Granite Devices on their website.


Hi, Beano, can you help maybe with these settings? it’s for Porsche Cup car… and biggest problem now for me then i’m cornering and hitting the some maybe high
curb it’s just kicking wheel out of my hands. I’m using fanatec’s Formula wheel and in VR it’s sometime very hard to catch it. Overall feeling is more or less ok…


Reduce the strength in Simucube and add strength in-game, to avoid just that behavior.


You can try what Mika says, but I will go slightly different way…reduce the Overall Strength slider on the TD settings to maybe 60-70%, then reduce also Torque Reduction Filter to 0-5%, or higher setting if you feel it is still needed to have this one active.

Same time you can take perhaps 5% each off from Damping, Inertia, Perhaps 10% from Friction. I would keep game-slider the same for now, but if course, you can also play with that to get best feel. Mika’s Suggestion is very quick and easy method, mine a bit more drastic :slight_smile: Both will work well for the issue you have, but do do in different ways. Let’s see how this goes from ffb feel and oscillatory behaviour.

PS: I am still in Madrid, but starting trip back to Australia in 6 hours, back home 30 hours after that. So on the weekend I can actually test also for you in practice, but try my suggestions above…


I will still go in another direction, and I add that I finally see someone playing with the new fantastic filters.
Leave everything like this and decrease the “Slew rate limit” filter to a value 3/4.
I add that I made a video, in which I use RF2 (a game I hated and could not set).
With SC2 strength at 100% and gain in game at 1, but with new magic filters the simulation was taken to a different level.

The thing I describe in the video is that SC2 is the only DD to date that can afford this setting in play, and that today gives unique sensations.
Thank you very much to GD


Allora :smile: it was longest video in my life i watched in Italian :grin:
Can you please advise what numbers you mean by 3/4 in slew rate?


i use
damping 13
friction 10
inertia 16
static force reduction 33
slew rate limit 4.52
ultra low latency 11

I hope the subtitles help a little.
It is a very hard setting but it does understand the potential of SC2. It is playable and fun, but it is above all to show what potential these filters have, which today make SC2 superior to every wheel on the market


What’s the reasoning behind 11% on the latency filter? I’ve not really played with that yet, just been using 20% with iRacing.


And the only filter I still have to understand well what you give in games, 11 is just a test


So… after some hours driving, i came to following settings and find them pretty how i’d like to feel car in sim. I’m not sure if i understood change “in-game ffb settings”, so made it as i thought right, it was 25Nm and 30Nm

Now i can steer Porsche in high speed corners, can correct direction get uphill, can feel balance of the car getting from left to right. Pretty nice feeling of car. And no annoying hits on curbs and bumps.

Thank you guys for help!!! i really love driving now

Also i changed some settings for GT3 car(i mostly drive Merc, it sounds super cool), now it’s even more smoother, but i found it better, then previous setting. In-game setting was 25Nm and 50Nm, now 20Nm and 45Nm

Not sure if i can get something more from the wheel now… Maybe the feeling of wheel getting bit heavier while braking, but then releasing brake pedal it should get lighter(till normal strength)

And, Mika, i own SC2 for about a month and i’ve never started iracing without having to restart wheelbase… I tried first base after iracing, iracing, then base, base while iracing starting… not sure how else :slight_smile: but every time i have to turn off and then on SC2, so manipulation with high torque also including.