Simucube 2 Discussion Thread


Simplified cad drawings for all the Simucube models are found on the Support section of the website.


Hi Mate,
The Sport is shorter than the small Mige, same diameter though. You can reuse your existing Mige-mount, will work fine.

Yes, you can cable-tie the psu to your rig, but why not print some nice mounting-brackets for it instead?



that’s actually a nice idea :slight_smile:
good news for the mounting, thanks!


Cheers Mate, it will look sweet :wink:


My sc2 pro is ordered, and I would like to know if a remote switch would be possible to add ? (like on premium torque off switch but from my button box)
The power button at the back may be hard to reach on my rig.

I didn’t find information on ‘torque off’ and ‘sc accessory port’ pinouts. I do understand it is not as open as sc1 or argon was, but it will be a nice addition to the support section of your website.


One reseller has them listed for 100EUR. A DIY solution doesn’t seem to be (easily) possible, see here.


shouldn’t be possible to do something like this for the SC2 estop?


Hi. What happened to the FFB outpute curve / sensitivity filter? I think you guys call it “Non-Linear Force Saturation.” I know some games (maybe most) allow you to adjust this but this is also supposed to be a setting from the SC2 Pro and Ultimate models. I still have not seen anyone mention it nor seen it in any of the TrueDrive pics…

Also, is there a possibility of developing a setting that’s like the Torque Reduction Filter - maybe in combination with the FFB curve/sensitivity filter - but which only applies to SAT (self-aligning torque)? I think this may be one of the most important settings for people like myself who like very high forces but have a difficult and frustrating time using high forces because of too much unrealism and pain when using high forces with a DD wheel.


We have developed a “first release” set of filters and features, and are right now fixing the issues that have been encountered in them. There will be a round of new filters once the summer holiday season is over and things have stabilized.

Without telemetry knowledge from each game, it is quite hard to get a sense of what is self-aligning torque. We are thinking of ways to improve in this regard.


Yes, that’s what I was thinking, without accessing telemetry (like the Accuforce), it’s probably extremely difficult if not impossible to achieve a SAT filter. Hopefully there’s some way to achieve something similiar with tricks and such but I can understand if this isn’t possible without telemetry.


So guys - 1 week till 2nd batch delivery to vendors’ day, right? RIGHT :slight_smile: ?

Simucube 2 News and Updates

Ok, I try once again, I think I have any right to ask, I am waiting since almost 3 months for a product I already paid.
Can you confirm next friday 2/8 will start 2nd batch distribution to vendors ?
Any reply will be great.


actually 3 months of waiting are many … I am at 2 months


The better way is ask your reseller


glad to know I am not the only one thinking this wait time is a little too much


actually the announcement of the 2/8 as the day for the start of delivery to vendors has been made by Simucube


that a good news, I’m 3 batch waiting list so I also don’t know when I can get my pro version


hope you’re good at waiting boy.


dai che manca poco Alessandro …forse! :smile:


Speriamo poco anche per me…io due settimane fa ho ricevuto una email dal fornitore con la quale mi comunicava che rientravo come primo del terzo lotto…(nonostante avessi preordinato nel secondo lotto) …ma se in caso ricevono più unità o qualcuno cancelli l’ordine per i primi dieci giorni di agosto dovrei riceverlo.
Speriamo in una delle due possibilità…perchè sinceramente aspettare un inoltrato settembre mi farebbe passare l’entusiasmo per il prodotto.