Simucube 2 Announcement thread



All the types and all markets?


This is information from 1 UK Simucube seller.

I would expect delay is for All of his preorder batch.


The delay is unfortunate, but at least there’s a clear timeline going forwards.

As long as I have time to get it fully setup before Le Mans weekend, I don’t really care.


Eu seller has just posted an update on there Facebook page.
SC2 sport and pro
expect to be instock from 17 May,
SC2 ultimate expect to be instock 30 May.


That’s not what I wanted to hear. I ordered the ultimate.I have confirmation too the 30th it is so I wont see it until next month.


SC2 Sport/Pro only 2 years guarantee? With these high quality components? Industrial motor… etc…Why? Fanatec DD1 …3 years guarantee… DD2… 5 years guarantee…


2 years comes from the laws of Finland. However in industrial electronics the defective part(s) breaks down with ~97% likelyhood within the first year in use (if memory serves the % correctly & bathtub curve here who crave for more information) if there is a defective part or manufacturing issue in the electronics.

In general, if you have well designed electronics that is meant to be used 24/7 ~20 years within its design parameters, the likelyhood of it breaking down after 1 year use (if it does not break down within 1 year use) is unlikely, the defects that we need to correct are virtually all covered within the 2 years warranty. Errors and issues then again start to increase at the end of the product life cycle.

Our thinking was, that the driver that buys or considers to buy our product is not buying it due to warranty length, but the driver buys our product due to the product performance, how it is designed and due to the reliability of the product. Due to the previous thinking, over 2 year warranty period was not considered as important detail even though it might give some peace of mind to some potential customers.

So, knowing how electronics fail over time & in use, longer than 2 years warranty period is meaningful for a customer who does not use the product and the product is collecting dust in somewhere and after a some time takes it into a use and then notices that it does not work for some reason or fails prematurely due to manufacturing or component issue and if this happens after 2 years of low usage, such is likely disappointing. However we have assumed that the drivers that buy our product are sim driver enthusiasts, esport professionals, and real race car drivers that use the product as a practice tool for real race car driving, therefore our obligation to correct errors will be found within the 2 years time and therefore the real useful & trouble free lifetime of the product will be very long for the driver (see the bathtub curve mentioned in the above link).

Hope this helps to understand our thinking.


It seems to me all the arguments you are bringing forward for not having longer warranty (if it breaks it will do so within 1 year) also go towards having more than 2 years warranty.

A manufacturer giving something like 5 years of warranty is a HUGE statement in their trust of their own product, especially if you say that people claiming warranty after 1 year is tiny anyway.


Well, Mika sent me the first beta-FW with new filters for the SC2, managed to get a few hours of testing it after returning from Finland.
Identified a couple minor issues, as always, Mika fixed the right away and I could verify the fixes. Onwards we go.

New Filters:

Force Reduction
A very special Filter this one, allowing you to feel the full-effects of the fidelity of effects at any given torque setting, whilst reducing the torque by the selected % when turning the car.

For example, if you set torque to 15NM and Force Reduction slider to 30%, you will feel the full fidelity of effects at 15NM level, but actual torque going into turns and such will be reduced by 30%…making the wheel lighter whilst turning, but yet retaining the fidelity of the effects at any torque-setting.

Static Force Reduction speed
This filter relates to the Static Force Reduction, allows you to set the speed at which the SFR filter will act on the ffb.

Gamma Filter
Allows you to set the curve of ffb itself, if perhaps you do not like a linear response and might prefer more torque earlier or later in the ffb behaviour.

Personally, I’m a linear man myself, but it indeed is nice to have options.
This one essentially allows one to slow down the servo-motor response. If you want to 100% replicate the Bodnar SS2, you can set it at 0.1-0.2, I preferred a setting of 0.7-0.8. It really allows one-tuning the rubber-feel, this filter works extremely well together with the Reconstruction Filter.

For comparison, at 0.7 and Recon Filter at 1, it allows a similar feeling when we only had Recon Filter and it set at ~8. For those in the know, extremely exciting prospects.

Center Damping and Center Angle:
The former allows you to set a specific Damping % specifically to the Center of the shaft position, the effective angle where it will be active, specified by the Center Angle in degrees. This allowed me to 1/2 my previous Damping, Friction and Inertia values, whilst disabling the Notch Filter, whilst retaining stability without oscillation.

The most profound of the new additions has to be the Slew-rate and the Force Reduction filters, my gawd, it is simply unbelievable how much they changed the game for me…in all honesty, they blew my socks off. Yes, I know, some will doubt, but rest assured, put a pillow down on the floor so you don’t break your jaw as it hits the floor when you get your hands on these.

No jokes, there is now a massive divide between the SC2 and any other DD-wheel available. The gap is so big, there is no longer any thoughts it could be placebo

I will add a few screenshots later today.

SimuCUBE Open Source Firmware Development Update Thread 2

I will add descriptions later after, some eye-candy below :slight_smile:

Overview, high-torque activation:
Main overview, also visible is the torque-mode indicator. With high-torque disabled (default after every power-up) the wheel is very light and should be safe for almost everyone, including kids. Heed the warnings though! Simply selecting the button will open the dialogue, where you need to scroll to the right and the high-torque button becomes available.

Selecting it, and the subsequent mode-set will be confirmed by an audible warning from the servo itself.

Wireless Tab, scanning:
This tab allows you to scan and select the very low-energy Bluetooth transmitter on the custom Simucube BT equipped wheels, available from a variety of wheel-suppliers. Note, it is a custom purpose-built device, communicating directly with the Simucube.


Profiles, Filters:
The Filter overview shows the most important filters at first glance, the old numeric-inputs have all been replaced with sliders, fine-tuning via left-right arrow-keys.

Below the most important (main) filters for the SC2, changing these will most likely be all for 95% of folks.

Direct Input filters, used for titles other than iRacing

Additional filters, the descriptions should suffice for now


Hardware setup and configuration:
Allows setup if a few extra parameters, like bump-stop, for one. You can also setup analog inputs here, by selecting the button, where you are greeted with the setup dialogue box.

These inputs are of course supported via the 15-pin d-sub port on the back of the SC2, similar to the 4x RJ45 ports on the old Simucube 1. Please do not confuse this port with the encoder input port on the old Simucube1.

Info tab:
The final tab gives additional device information, like event-logs and allows a few additional functions, pretty self explanatory when looking at the names on the buttons.

More later.


Hey Beano,

With the new filters are you having any luck taming the IndyCar without the mushy feeling by adding alot of dampening?

Our IndyCar friend has his hands full with the real car at the moment, but hopefully we can have a better package for him for the off season.

I am also interested to see what you think about the feel in the F3 car.

Are you able to run the new firmware on the pro an ultimate?

Talk soon,


Joe, let me test and I will get back to you! I think slew-rate will make things a lot better for the Indycar and F3…

Will feedback later during the week!

Let me know his thoughts on torque levels, feel he’s after and I will see what I can do!


Perhaps a few photos showing the 2 new boards for the SC2…this is the SC2 equivalent to the IONI and Simucube used in the OSW…

Firstly, the drive-controller stage, which is bolted to the very solid aluminium enclosure/housing, where the mosfet drivers dissipate their heat-load to…

Next, the USB HID interface, which connects to the driver-stage via DIL connectors. The connection-methodology and quality of components/connectors are all industrial spec, no extraneous wiring or smaller pcb’s, etc…exceptional quality, befitting to the quality /nature of these devices…pic is of the Pro interface board, they are all very similar though…




Hi Phillip can tell about the PSU for pro version? Is there two PSU in a different box (two connect cable) or two PSU in one single box (one connect cable)?

Thank for reply


Its two Mean Well units, with separate power cables.


OK,get it .
Thanks Mika


A bit off topic, but was hoping Martin Ascher SWW rims would become available soon too now that simtech racing have made their available, but his site seems to be down for days now.
Anyone know whats going on there?


I do not have other news than very soon. So soon that we decided to invest just a bit of time to get the sc1 release forward.

It seems that the Ascher Racing website has gone to “in the pits” mode during the last week.