Simucube 2 Announcement thread



Software looks astonishing. Are there plans for some advanced mode (similar to Granity) to get access to things like amperage, fault settings, etc.
Or Grantity will work?


All faults are shown in the UI and the motor parameters are reset by firmware at boot. So, no Granity connection required and there is not such thing available.


There is in fact motor faults visible in @phillip.vanrensburg’s screenshots. Those are due to this being a new firmware version and he has an old profile that tries to put invalid filter settings into the servo drive. This is of course something that is going to be perfectly fixed for out-of-the-box users and subsequent firmware updates.


Thanks Mika, my question was on “fault settings” like overvoltage, over acceleration, etc.
But we usually follow recommendations from GD and Beano anyway, so having them defaulted in FW for this specific motor application is perhaps all we ever need, safer too.


Hello, yes, correct, I fixed that last night by creating a new profile. Mika did mention older profile might not port over properly, so my mistake!

But anyway, it did not cause any hassles during testing, I was just to eager to drive with the new FW :slight_smile:


I’m currently redesigning the website and product pages for new steering wheels and button plates.

I expect the website to be back up this evening and wheels will be available to order on Thursday.


Thanx Martin! Welcome back :slight_smile:


Hey Beano i’m really looking forward to your SC2 Pro testing results. I like what I’m hearing about the Ultimate but does all that goodness make the Pro a game changer also?


What a professional color choice in the firmware :wink:


Not my style that new interface. Can it be a little more subtle? Preferably not from the color palet of a McDonalds ball pit :smiley:


Target was a fresh look for the UI and the usage of Simucube brand colours. Also, black backgrounds is the new trend in various softwares.

Any actual constructive feedback will be taken into consideration.


All black wheel with a simucube logo. Or just a different default steering wheel for the new app.


I think the blue and orange looks great. I do think the scroll bars are a bit over the top and stand out too much. I think they should be a flat color like the sliders (grey would be my preference). The steering wheel on the positional input page does stand out as being too low resolution as compared to the rest of the page. I think that asset should be improved.

Outside of that, everything is very legible, and the eye is drawn to what is important even though there is a lot of information on the pages. I also like the amount of contrast while still being easy on the eyes. I think it’s fantastic overall.


Black with white always work, just leave brand logo orange. Or make it skinnable to satisfy everyone’s liking.


I like the new UI alot as is.


Don’t know about you guys, but I’m kinda thinking the settings screen isn’t really where I will spend most of my time with this wheel. That will be in game. So, how important is this really? Very grateful for a dark background though, spares my eyes some strain :slight_smile: But sure, make it skinnable as a low prio-task and everyone will hopefully be happy :slight_smile:


Any news when the SC2Pro will be delivered?


What mounting solutions are you guys going for with you’re SC2’s ?

The choices seem few and far at the moment.

Demon tweeks stock 3 sizes of a fixed mige bracket which are non adjustable so I can drive there in a pinch but I would like one with some adjustability.


I believe Racewerk, NHS, HRS, Simtech Racing, Augury and of course Simracing Bay have their brackets available.


Any small 130 size Mige bracket will fit the Sport and Pro versions including ours :slight_smile: