Simucube 2 Announcement thread

I also add myself to Imac to find out more about the expedition, also because on the web I only read about Podium and it gnaws me a little.

We should be able to start to ship to our resellers this week.


That’s great news!!!:smile:

Thanks for the quick update Mika.
Hopefully means I will get my Shiney New SC2 Pro in next 5-10 days :slight_smile:

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Sorry if this has been asked.

If I am happy to continue use of my existing USB wheels, will my Q1R fit the SC2?


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Yes, you can either remove the Simucube Quick Release and mount your QR to the shaft, or mount the Q1R base side to the Simucube Quick Release Wheel Side with adapter that is supplied.

Simucube 2 uses 24mm shaft, so the cone clamp adapter inside the Simucube Quick Release has slightly larger diameter hole pattern compared to those adapters that were supplied to be used with 22mm Mige shafts, so there might be some challenges.

I’m looking to order the Pro and wondering where I can get a wheel mount button box that will work with a driven 13" wheel or a wheel similiar to what my accuforce has now. TIA

Why not use the AF wheel on the Pro?

Considered but didn’t want to drag the V2 value down further. Will the button box from the accuforce work as well?

The AF button box will not work as is. It can not work without adding a control board.

Any ideas who sells button boxes and maybe wheels I can add to the simucube 2?

Any usb-based wheel will work. For Simucube Wireless Wheels, Martin Ascher at Ascher-Racing should get his new button boxes and wheels on the market soon. Also, Simtech Racing UK has just put this on their website:

I’m quite sure there will also be others on the market soon too.


Can you say when shipping to resellers or endusers will start?

Yes, mee too i Call 2 time the salesman and i became both Times the same answer
Monday this Week and now Monday next Week …
but hee dont now.
The Communication from GD is not so Great at this part

I am not a reseller, or I don’t know when things will happen, but I do have some thoughts on when this can happen. I do understand that we are all impatiently waiting for a new toy :smile:, but personally I won’t expect any shipment from resellers until after next weekend, 18-19th of May. GD needs to ship their units, the resellers will also need to so something to them I suppose, they don’t just turn around cardboard boxes in the warehouse with new shipment labels. I am very sure you won’t have a new wheel next week.

I don’t mind being behind with the release but I was already billed for it. So yeah it would be kind of nice if it was on its way.:smiley:


Question on North America dealers, do you have anyone else besides SimCraft?
They seem to sell some really overpriced commercial cockpits and pedals, don’t even have SimuCube listed on their site. Probably charging for just answering email inquiry. :slight_smile:
Never heard of them before, to be honest would rather order internationally from reliable and known vendor like Tomo.

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I wanted to order from them but, when I asked when they would be ready to accept orders, this was the response…

We are close, and we will make an announcement when they are ready.

Today, I’ve had a shipping update email from (STR) UK reseller who I placed my SC2 Pro order with.

“As we expected Granite Devices notified us yesterday that there will be a short delay in shipping the SC Products.
We have been told that we will receive the items on the 17th/20th May.(Friday/Monday)
All being well they will be dispatched immediately for delivery between 21st and 24th”