Simucube 2 Announcement thread

While we setup the website’s update section, this thread is for news and updates

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will it be possible to buy the new SQR system alone?

simucube 2? what happens to our simucube 1? soon more support? is it possible to switch to simucube 2 software?

Kindly, please ask questions in the questions section. Also see the FAQ on our website.

I’m also most interested on the availability of the individual components.

Will the wireless controller be available individually?
Can we purchase the Quick release system with or without the integrated wireless controller?

Wireless controller module (the wheel-side part) will not be available from us directly for any DIY purposes. However, we will not restrict its sales if some reseller wants to put them up for sale instead of making wheels from them.

Sorry Mika, I was just editing my post after reading the FAQ, which I clearly should have done in the first place…
Anyhow, great to get the the chance to get the wireless module and QRS for the current simucube generation as well.
Much appreciated!

hi, this is my first message in this forum and I take this opportunity to greet all the members. I have a Fanatec CSL base and I wanted to switch to a DD thinking of Podium. Then (fortunately) I read about the release of the Simucube 2 and without thinking about it I did the order of the Pro. I would have questions to ask but being new to the DD world they will probably be stupid for you anyway I try. What software should I download for the Simucube 2 settings? when will the first DDs be shipped? Do you already know of a possible output of wireless steering wheels? for now it may suffice.

Software will be available at when units start to ship.

No news for wireless wheel release dates.

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There are some rumors about a delay of the date of dispatch of the first batch of the simucubes 2 scheduled for 5th of May.
GD confirms it?

I have also caught wind of a possible delay.

I’m guessing it has something to do with the QR plates, so hopefully it’s minimal.

Thanks for everything, Mika! You being in the community, here and Iracing makes me feel confident in the product without ever trying one yet. Your not afraid to get your hands dirty and get into conversations where you know some people will not agree with what your doing, whether with regards to the previous wheel Simucube (Osw) new prices, lack of upgrades possibly on the previous Osw, and you will still jump in with two feet!

I have read many of your conversations in chat here and Iracing and you remind me of an old friend who taught me how to be a project manager so people will respect you, and respond. Without a doubt you are an “effective leader” and I think anyone working with you as an employee, a tester, and, and your customers will see that.

And if they do not know the definition of an effective leader, they should look it up as you check all the boxes that say, trust me. And for those who do not, go buy another wheelbase, your all in and being part of the solution to help Granite grow so they can provide the best possible Sim Racing gear for us, or your not.

And Btw, every company that wants to succeed, grow, and keep the lights on, can only break even or be in the “red” so long, before they are out of business. You either trust the process or you don’t regardless of prices. And just like me, I am sure others have to save up to buy there wheel also, but I am doing so because I believe in the future of Granite Devices.

P.s. Do you seen an app for downloadIn the future for Granite Devices for IOS and Samsung so people can use it on there phones thru the app instead of a web browser?


biancazzurro & McLaren777

I haven’t come across any rumors of delay.
Could you guys point me toward these with some links?

Some sites of resellers have changed the dates of dispatch from “5th of May” to “May” is it enough?

perhaps it is the indicative date for the future buyers, for the preorders made in the first days the date of May 5 remains … perhaps

Resellers do not say so…

Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m confident that if there is to be a delay, the Granite team and resellers who post here will let us know and keep us posted with any new information.


I have no issue with a delay if it gets communicated early enough. I plan to take a week off to test the wheel and my DBox so if the wheel gets delayed I need to know in advance to postpone my vacation…

Tomo at SRB has updated the expected ship date information to,

“Current dispatch estimate - Early to Mid May”

Also I’ve just spotted that Racewerks have just posted,

“Simucube 2 pre-orders are closing tomorrow at 11AM CET.”

I had a chance offer today to sell my SC1 so I took it So now Ive just gotta decide which New Shiny DIrect Drive setup to buy out of my 4 options, SC2 17-25Nm or DD1/DD2…


Well, seems May preorders closed from today on 2 EU retailers websites and the next batch shipping will be in June. Time to sit back biting my nails waiting for the reviews and Junes shipping dates to appear on websites. :slight_smile: