Simucube 2 Announcement thread

I wonder what that means to those of us that preordered? Not shipping on the 5th now?

I can only assume that he might be just covering his bases incase of any slight delay due to higher demand, but thats just a guess.

Oh, If anyone is interested, I noticed that on SimTechRacing uk website as of rightnow its still stating,

" Order Now Dispatch May 2019 " for new SC2 Pro and Ultimate orders so might buy from them again as did with my last small mige kit.

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I did the same thing with mine. I ordered my first one from SimRacingBay so I ordered from him again. Very nice to deal with and normally very quick getting back to you.

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I ordered from Jed few hours ago at STR(SimTechRacing) and he has just emailed me to confirm that I will be getting one from the first May batch, so hopefully will get it soon. :slight_smile:

It’s just a slight delay.
GD have posted on the twitter account that production is running.

Don’t think it will take long for the first units to reach re-sellers. If it was something big they wouldn’t say early to mid may. This bunch just seems to be more thorough than “maybe we can by this date” estimates.
In the fear of derailing this thread, I will suggest that you lookup the feelvr project at indiegogo to get a feel for how it could be.


Some fun with the SC2 Ultimate around Monza…just a short video showing how good the SC2 is…

And then a little bit longer one running at a low 15NM torque, but it felt very nice there. Excuse all my talking.



Good videos and an even better catch :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m looking forward to trying out the static force reduction filter. Thanks for the helpful explanation on how that works.

You’re welcome, Paul :wink:

Wrt to the new filters, I am just feeding back what I experience by adjusting them, I have not had any discussion about them with Team GD yet. I will chat to Mika on the weekend, hopefully my experience vs reality isn’t to different!

More later :slight_smile:


Hi Philip , like to watch more video from you and SC 2. The last video show the sc 2 is 15nm test,but the sc 2 like quite smooth is they a low ffb strength?

Yes Mate, it is super-smooth at any torque level you choose to run it at. Even unpowered, I cannot detect any cogging on the Ultimate servo. That says a lot for the obvious quality of these specific selected servos.

If we forget all the marketing hype about custom-build out-runners vs custom-build in-runners, the proof is in the final result.

As a technical nerd, I absolutely appreciate the solid industrial quality, feel and performance, of these servos Granite selected for SC2. I have said it before, I will say it again: No other DD wheel comes close in all 3 areas to these ones.

For the total package, for the connoisseur, for the serious hobbyist, for the professional sim-racer, for the real-life pro-racer, there is no better solution than these new SC2’s.

And yes, I own/have owned all other available DD wheels, including 2x Bodnar SS2 54, 1x Accuforce, 1x Podium DD2, as well as the highest spec OSW (Bogeyman). I compared all of them back-to-back, over extended periods of time, so I can make this observation that SC2 is quite a bit ahead of everything else. And this on the current base firmware, let’s talk again once Tero and Mika finalize the new FW with very interesting new filters :slight_smile:


Did the sc2 pro effect equally good too ?

Many of the same effects will be present there too, in my mind, the Pro would be the go-to DD wheel in the market :wink:


Maybe I will go to sc2 next time, but now I still love my sc1 and big mige.Thanks for replying

You’re most welcome :wink:

Are you referring to the Pro here when you say you do not notice any cogging? Never mind, I continued to read down and seen you were talking about the Pro.

Will there be a list of suppliers for wireless wheels?

I haven’t found any yet, but I’m really hoping that Cube Controls will integrate SC2’s wireless technology into its wheels.

Yes, that is the plan, once we have knowledge of some of them being ready. Not worth listing them yet.

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Seeing as DD-wheel psu’s has been a hot topic in the recent past, I managed to take a few pix of the inside of the SC2 Ultimate psu box yesterday, during my visit to Granite Devices HQ. The quality of not only the components selected, but also the final finishing touches to them, left me astounded.

Having being involved in Industrial Automation since 1988, ‘potting’ of circuit-boards were always indicative of hardened components/products fit for the severest of environments. I leave you with this, note the thick ‘potting’ in these Ultimate dual 500W psu’s - needless to say, it covers the complete psu pcb layer:

I also managed to take a pic of a bare new SC2 drive-stage pcb, for those technically minded folks - this one have connections for the Encoder and 3-phase UVW connections from the servo-stator itself. On the back, there are high-quality industrial connectors that allows a 2nd board (the USB HID) to connect to the drive-stage. I will get a few more shots when I visit GD again Monday evening.

Talking about the high-end industrial quality of the Simucube-based Devices, Tero changed a few MOSFETs and a sensing resistor, and showed me a test for an industrial customer, where he was driving an 80-AMP POS load with otherwise the exact same drive-stage pcb as used in the new SC2 Sport/Pro/Ultimate - now how do you beat that, guys :slight_smile:

Last, but not least, and as mentioned above -> I will be visiting GD HQ again Monday afternoon. Tero has a spare late-development SC2 Pro there, the exact same hardware specs as what will be shipping. I will take that back home with me to provide first-hand information on it as how it compares with the Ultimate in feel, as well as review it together with the DD2 Podium I have.

That should allow us a good overview of pro’s and cons of each system, as well as how they stack up wrt torque-deration, overall performance etc. As was the case with my earlier reviews, it will be to the point and no-nonsense.

Can’t wait to get back home …


Hey Mika, itching to get my new sc2 Pro and just wondering if could update us on estimated stock shipping date to your resellers please. :wink: