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First public version of the Simucube 2 True Drive software will be released on Tuesday next week. If, however, you receive your Simucube 2 earlier than that, please contact us so we will supply the current version to you.


While im disappointed I wont see my wheel until the middle of next month I get why. Im sure the sales for the other bases where much higher so I get why you would ship those first. Maybe for fathers day…:grinning:


Mika, I realize you might not feel comfortable sharing this, but it can’t hurt to ask. :wink:

How many SC2 units have you sold as a percentage of your initial targets? Are you something like 200% to plan?


Just found an unboxing and test but its in french :stuck_out_tongue:


How did you do this without popping breakers on a standard (in the US) 110v circuit?
Edit*** or burning the electronics setup for 220v… or throttling… or all of the above…?


Mika , when do the Simucube wheel side wireless BLE button plate modules gets shipped?
Want to prepare my wheel when my PRO arrives.

Have ordered through RACEWERK and they told me they dont have them at stock because they dont got them from you…


I’m not knowledgeable on the shipment of those modules. I do know, that a number of outstanding orders of various bits and pieces were being taken care of on Thursday and yesterday.


What is the wattage/current on a std US wall-plug?

Why would this be an issue on 110V/220V AC circuits? Why do you believe something will burn/pop/overload?


Just my 2am reading catchup and calculations. Home wiring in the US is single phase 110V circuits on either 15 or 20 amp breakers. Forgive me if I’m miscalculating, but, 1kw 48vdc at 22a is getting real close to that 15a 110ac number. Being as most folks don’t have a dedicated outlet for their sim rig, this could be an issue.
In fact, I live in an old-ish house with various generations of wiring code compliance… with my maxed out gen 1 simucube, I would pop the 15 a breaker occasionally. It bothered me enough that I ran a 220vac (we have 220v three phase power coming in to our houses) 30a line to my racing lair. Everything worked better… less heat, more headroom, and I didn’t even have my power supply humming at 96a which I’ve read is possible on a 220vac three phase circuit.


Strictly speaking, both std USA 110V/15-20A and 220V/10A will have more than enough capacity to handle 1kW (peak) loads…not saying we will see those on the SC2 Ult or Pro though…

No worries here in Australia with it…


If you watch Barry’s latest video on the Simulaje F1S wheel, it looks to be attached to an interesting looking motor :wink:


This is first one out in the wild that I’ve seen so far.


I noticed too, it seems like a sport or a pro!


I was looking at those pictures posted by IMac and I wondered if we will receive the 4 bolts required to attach the wheelside qr, through the 30mm thick spacer and into the 70mm adapter?

Also, if we chose to leave that spacer out, we would then need 4 shorter bolts to do the job.

I’d love to know the different bolt lengths required so that I can plan ahead if they aren’t to be included in the package.

Edit: It also looks like you have to bolt your wheel onto that 70mm plate from the front and the bolts won’t be able to pass through the plate so we will all need to have very exact bolt lengths depending on each individual rim.

I remember Attila mentioning this point in his Racewerk blog.

Does anybody know the exact thickness of that 70mm adapter plate?

Ignore that last question - found the answer and it’s 5mm thick


Here is a review by someone in France too, so I guess there are more out there:


That’s the JCL (reseller)'s demo unit. :wink:


Cheers Mika. I will anyway do another vid this morning, this time in the BMVoo M8 at Gilles Villeneuve. A super-fun combination, hopefully I can do a few laps and keep it off the walls.

Hopefully Mrs Beano will make me a nice bacon/egg/avo brekkie quickly, then off to do some driving :wink:


Have any devs got units to try or are you thinking about this? Im shocked by the amount of them that have never used a DD or are using what would be considered old wheel bases by todays standards.


Ultimate wheel. Ultimate breakfast.

You really know how to rub it in :roll_eyes: :laughing:


I see that power cords extensions are included. Nice touch, thanks for saving us hassle of searching for one.

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