Simucube 2 Announcement thread



I am spoilt, it was a good brekkie :slight_smile: Video uploading, will link once it’s done!


Ha, here is another video from this morning, hopefully I am not boring the chit out of you guys :slight_smile:

BMW M8 GTE at Gilles Villenueve:
SC2 beta-FW 0.50.6

D = 25
F = 15
I = 50

Recon Filter = 5
Slew-rate = OFF
Center Damping = 30
Center Angle = 1deg
LL = 20

Torque Reduction 15
Specific output at 0.595 (32NM servo, 54 slider)


Of course not boring, but some footage from the Pro would be great, too. :slight_smile:


I can’t test the Pro currently, Jackie, awaiting the new all-servo mounting-plate…only then, apologies :frowning:


no problem. I am looking forward to the comparison between ultimate and pro as soon as the plate is there. :blush:


Are the bolts and nuts to attach the motor to a rig included in the package as well, or do we need to source our own? If so, what bolt lengths (assuming it’s M8 size) and what kind of nuts do you advise?


I’d be surprised if they included any, length is going to be dependant on what you’re mounting it to.

I know my SimLab P1 came with the correct length M8 bolts for attaching my SS2, what rig are you mounting the SC2 on?


The Sport and Pro needs M8 bolts only, as the mounting holes are threaded, so no nuts needed. The Ultimate needs nuts and bolts though.

I think you will have to source your own 4x M8 bolts, as the length will vary depending on your mount. I would estimate bolt-length to be the thickness of your plate plus 15mm.


I’ve purchased some M8x22mm and M8x25mm bolts to attach the motor to the mount which gives me some choice on whether to add locking nuts or not.

If you are mounting the motor bracket to 80/20 then you’ll need bolts long enough to cover the thickness of your bracket plus the depth of the channel which is 14mm in my case.


I have the Heusinkveld rig, just finished building it actually :sweat:
They did supply some M8x30mm bolts which are marked as “OSW” mounting bolts. The front mounting bracket the wheel gets attached to is 10mm thick.


That will be fine, I guess those are 16-25mm long? Will be good either way :wink:


Hopefully a few asia customer reviews popup to wet our lips and keep us EU buyers going while we wait. :smile:


Yep, fingers crossed :slight_smile:


And those in the US patiently waiting for our ultimate.


How was that crying? I said I was patiently waiting. And if you actually read my last post youd see I said I understand why the other bases took precedence.


I know you have not been here long.

For future reference we tend to not criticize other members here like is done on other forums.:slight_smile:


Yeah I just calculated all my sim rig electrical requirements (triple monitor, PC, prosimu P5MP, simcube 2 pro, speaker amp, bass shaker amp, usb hub, etc). It could peak at over 3500 watts. I called my electrician to put in 4 dedicated 20 amp circuits, two for this sim rig and two in case I do a flight rig some day. The power requirements add up fast.


I live in Switzerland and each outlet can do 3000 watt so what I do is get one long cable from my kitchen area (loft) which I know is separate so I have 6000 watt in total for my motion rig because things add up a lot: 6 dbox actuators, the wheel, max overclock pc etc. Without motion I dont think you will have an issue tho gbdesai unless you have a 16 core cpu overclocked and at least sli gpus.


Hello guys. One question, all this stuff and videos posted look very promising, especially new filters that were introduced with new Simucube software. My question is will it be possible to port some of the new filters for us Simucube filters and get rid of the grainy feeling when using lower number on rcon filter or this is impossible becouse of the hardware/motor? thanks :slight_smile:


Not all SC2 features can be ported to SC1.

Our current plan is to get a good working firmware for SC2 out, and via customer feedback, develop the flters to a good level. Then, we can analyze what can be implemented for SC1/IONI servo drive combination - but not all features can be back-ported to SC1 due to hardware differences.

This has been the plan all along.