Simucube 2 Announcement thread



How was the DW12 at Watkins?


Hi, any news about shipping? I ordered 20 minutes after launch and shipping date should be early May. Now it’s late May and I don’t even heard anything about it. So if the units are not even shipped to the reseller, it will not be delivered in May to the customer. :frowning:


yesterday I have been told by simucube through messenger that all batch 1 should be shipped to resellers at least today


Just busy uploading the vid, Joe :wink: wasn’t bad at all in the DW12, these new filters surely are making things easy.

You will see what I mean once it’s uploaded!


And here it is, hopefully it all makes sense :lol:

Something not working correct with this video when you scoot out to youtube, anyway clicking on the video window below anyway seems to open it ok…just don’t go to youtube itself…( )


Thanks @phillip.vanrensburg for taking the time to upload the videos. They really do help.

Do you know when you’ll have a mount for the Pro? I’m keen to see footage of it in action.

I suspect your mount will turn up before my Pro does.


What does the batch 1 mean? Everyone ordered in April? I’m getting pissed off.


It depends on your reseller, ask them


We will have a short, public status update and statement about production status, shipments, and outlook for next production batches. Expect it to be released very soon.


Sounds ominous. I hope it’s good news for us all.


Well apparently there are some issues. But at least it gets communicated now…


I was told by my reseller they wont have them until late this month so you are probably correct. Some of us wont see them until early June. Sucks but what can you do?


When did you order it and from who?


couldn’t the simucube2 sport also have Factory calibration Multi torque cogging + ripple , why was it chosen only Factory Calibration: Cogging calibrated ? I don’t see a lot of interest for the sport or is it only my impression ?


SC2 pre-order delivery update

We have just opened an web page to share the latest updates of the Simucube 2 delivery dates. Stay tuned by checking it out!


Beano has a very very sensitive microphone in the headset.
I know because i have the same unit.
The SC2 motors do have these (very faint) noises, but those noises are also coming trough as information.
For me it seems it is running a higher frequency, so it can generate these fine vibrations and with it comes a tiny bit of noise. Believe me when i say this is a good satisfying noise in real life.



Thanks for the update.

As long as my SC2 Pro gets here a couple days before Le Mans, I’m not too worried. :wink:


I was hoping I’d receive my Pro in time for the holiday weekend here in the UK.

That was not to be but I do appreciate the updates on shipping progress.

If any of the GD team read this, I’d like to ask if the premium kill switch will soon be available as a separate upgradeable item and if so how long it might take before those get shipped to the various suppliers?



Thanks for the update. I’m pleased that the communication is there now.

Keep up the good work.