Simucube 1 vs simucube 2

I am having such a hard time to believe you at this point :stuck_out_tongue:

Love all the excitement about a +3.000 Euro FFB system. It’s like being in love, it makes your women the most beautiful women in the world, even if she has just as many flaws as most of us :slight_smile:
Living in a reality where believing is seeing/experiencing (not the other way around folks), it should make the Ultimate the most desirable FFB systeem out there. Because, let’s be honest, the specs make it true, right?
And to be scientific, eliminating any placebo effect will eliminate 70% of what any of us experience in any situation.
It also reminds me of a time I was deeply involved in audio hardware. At the end your convinced that you hear a more and better quality of music with an amplifier costing more then 30.000 Euro’s. Why, because the specs are impressive…haha.


Perhaps the best compromise for those who have a Mige and a SC1 is to develop a SC2 Mige in an external box.

This will allow to update its installation to SC2 without having to change the engine.

Knowing that the Mige is the best-selling engine, it wouldn’t be surprising to see an SC2 version.

There’s an unrealistic amount of feedback that people expect from wheels/sims because what we’re really asking is to condense all the real life effects you feel onto your body into a wheel. Driving on a track, atleast for me is 80% seat of pants, 10% feedback through the wheel and 10% through the pedals. Visuals mean little as you’re only using your eyes to hit your marks rather than trying to “see” if your car is understeering/oversteering.

Yet in a sim, it’s 80% wheel and 20% visual. That’s not to say we shouldn’t expect more from the wheel. After all, it’s our only means of communicating with the car.

Between iracing, AC and ACC, i still can’t feel the rubber on the road feedback. Driving in real life, you can feel the tires digging in (or not!) rolling onto the edge with a progressive load build up but that’s quite missing in the sims I’ve mentioned. There’s a constant sensation of the “road” being translated through the wheel in real life that’s just outright missing in the sims.

What iracing does amazing is its simulation of weight transfer. That’s why anyone able to drive at a decent pace in real life can quickly come to terms with iracing while excusing the tire model issues. AC/ACC are built more around their tire models which requires a person to get used to it and develop a comfort level. Weight transfer in AC/ACC takes a back seat.

Pointless rant over.


I think rF2 and AMS also provide that progressive load feeling (like iRacing) very well; it results in much better sense of cornering intensity whereas, AC tires feel more like wood with a rubber veneer. ACC is somewhat better but, still lacking that extra progression.

I look forward to SC2 reviews.

Project Bogeyman.


@Rick: Yeah sure, I have been beta-testing for Granite Devices for the past almost 5 years, and all my feedback and their development have been based on thát placebo …on the other hand, a lot of credit to Mika, who is excellent at converting ‘placebo’ into useful tactile feedback :wink:


Question about the expansion connector: will there be the possibility to connect a button box or button plates from the wheels?

Button plates from the wheels are to be connected with the Wireless Wheel System. But, there are 4 analog inputs, GND, 5 V supply, two digital inputs (these two are visible as buttons in Simucube), and two open drain outputs, and some other I/O that we leave for future expansion.

If someone wants to develop a button box interface that would communicate with the Simucube via a serial interface, that would be possible, and we are open to any development regarding this.

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I hate to say it but as someone who has bought video game consoles since Colecovision, this is pretty much the standard progression of tech. I totally get the point of view that it makes purchasers of OSW in the last few months angry, I do. It stinks, but I think we all had to realize, if being honest, that there was going to be a new model coming, it happens with all tech. I also get the point about being able to upgrade the controller only, that’s totally valid too, but we have to remember this isn’t a SONY or a MS, they don’t have endless resources to, in essence, build a whole “backwards compatibility” team.

I’m disappointed, but really what gets me most is that the ultimate is so expensive. 2600 is a lot for someone on a regular salary, but then again, if you want the top top end features in most tech, you pay the crazy prices. Unfortunately, none of this is not common tech progression evolution protocol.

That being said, this next part is for the guys at Granite:

You guys did some great work on OSW1 and it’s a fine product, but it would go one heck of a long way if you were to offer some sort of benefit for those with OSW1 who want to upgrade. Gestures go a very long way in making consumers feel heard. Maybe some sort of trade in, I don’t know enough to come up with a realistic approach, but it’s a thought. If marketing has taught me anything, a 10% off coupon can smooth over a ton of bad feelings.

Thank you, I hope that you take this into consideration, and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for OSW!

Tero, Fanatec are using a single 480 watt power brick for one of their newly released DD bases.

Couldn’t something like this have been used for the Pro model or would it also not have passed your testing criteria?

@EsxPaul: The quality of those would not do the SC2 Pro justice. There may also be CE certification challenges at play where the SC2 was concerned, hence the move to a proper industrial MW PSU that facilitated with the CE Certification process of the new SC2 series DD wheels. Perhaps Tero or Tommi can elaborate.

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We did have similar units for testing. They had noisy fans, or fans with seemingly unstable operation criteria, and some of them started to give out electrical whining noise only a few minutes after heavy use. So, they just didn’t pass our testing criteria at this time.


Thank you Phillip & Mika for the explanations.

I had assumed that you would have already tested a same/similar type of PSU but it’s good to understand the reasons behind why they would not pass your testing.

In that video it looks exactly like Meanwheel GTS280A down to the molex plug.
Didn’t know those have active cooling.
Unless they shipped 280W PSU with 15NM model, as it doesn’t need more, instead of claimed 480.

Under close inspection seems like it has some ventilation slits unlike Meanwhell unit, so it’s not the same.

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that unit is a quite a bit larger than the GTS280A, and there is a temperature (or load?) activated fan at the slits at the other end, next to the power out connector.

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The power supply that Fanatec is using reminds me of the original Xbox 360 PSU.


Thats a sexy powerbrick :slight_smile: (something nobody has ever said)

most users purchased a SimuCUBE and an IONI Pro from Granite for about $400 USD.

i’m all for a discount, but is a $40 discount the deciding factor for most of us?