Simucube 1 vs simucube 2


Development will continue for SC1 but SC2 will take priority. Some features will be added to SC1 but it may take some time after releasing them to SC2. SC1 has older hardware that will not support all new features

you seem to give up your first fans by not allowing them to evolve except to change equipment?

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We will release the compatible new developments to SC1, but the development will be done for SC2 first. Due to hardware differences, it is a given that the advanced stuff can’t be done for SC1.

This news has also left me speechless, also because the head of this project was also the fact of being able to replace a single component. Here at the moment it seems that to switch to simucube 2 you have to change everything

Will it be possible to change the simucube + ioni or Will it also change the motor and the encoder?

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Hi all.
One one side I am very happy to see Simucube2 in its three versions.
Simracing is growing and this is a nice step forward.

On the other hand I bought OSW kit with big Mige in February. I didn’t know anything about Simucube2 and now I am a bit “upset”.
Not because of the motors, or the “compactness”, or the design.

But because of the electronics upgrade with related software additional features.

I would expect to see a Simucube 2 standalone board with a proper IONI 2.0 driver to be sold for old OSW owners that want to upgrade to the new system, while maintaining their servo, the box, etc. etc.

Is this somethig that is under evaluation?


This is the most important question!


I am happy about DD wheel coming more and more to market but also a bit worried about this. I bought 30 Nm OSW from Augury last month and now this is coming. What will this mean for “regular” osw users? Will the software be regularly updated for us? WIll there be regular support from this moment on? I am sorry if I speak stupid thing but I am new to the OSW world and I want to know where are we now?

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Software will be updated with all the fixes we have done for Simucube 2 development. We are building both the PC tools and the firmware from the same repository at the moment.

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thanks for the info Mika! Really appreciate :slight_smile:

Paolo: Not sure why you’re upset, tbh?

At any point in time, one buys what’s available, you make the decision and go with it. Simucube 2 was not available then, Simucube 1 was, and it still was the best available DD wheel to buy at that point. The fact that it now will lose the performance crown to Simucube2 doesn’t detract from your original investment and expectations :slight_smile:

On your question wrt the availability of the controller and hid interface as diy - this will most likely not happen, as the wider audience in general has been pining for an all-in-one solution from Granite Devices for a while now, and from a business perspective, the current direction makes the most sense.

Just my uninformed observations below, if I may:

  1. Support overheads will be massively reduced, and rightly so.
  2. Development opportunities of software features to support a known and controlled environment
  3. Optimal environment to maximise application features - Knowing the physics and specifications of a few servos and developing accordingly will allow Team GD to provide the best possible DD experience, it only from a hardware perspective, but also from software side
  4. Optimised manufacturing process, allowing cost-savings to filter down to end-users

Did I mention a massive reduction in service support overheads?

Only my thoughts, but I would not think Simucube2 would be available in diy format, see above reasoning.


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Maybe because the whole spirit of the OSW was abandoned to make this?
This by the guys that were at the roots of the movement.

It’s a sleek looking product that will probably perform awesome, but also it is a product intended to make a profit (nothing wrong with that) and step away from the DIY market. Don’t give me that corporate “we will be able to provide better service blah blah blah”.


A warning would have been nice. Now I regret having bought my “small” SimuCUBE in January. If I would have seen this coming I would have waited a few month longer.

Unfortunately, due to the competitive nature of this market, I can understand why Developers/Manufacturers/Suppliers keep things under wrap until the official release.

Again, simply my POV looking from another angle.

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New products look fantastic but have to agree it’s disappointing the OSW diy philosophy is being abandoned with no stand-alone SC2 board being made available. If the SC2 board can work for the 3 servos on offer I dont see any reason why it cannot be made to work for both small and large Mige (known specifications), which must make up the vast majority of servos used with SC1

the beauty of OSW systems its just dead today… didn’t expect this from granity :frowning:


Excited about the products and for GD but bummed out there is no standalone option for us SC1 users to upgrade to. I don’t intend on doing an outright upgrade as their is no point in my view when the MiGe has been doing a great job. We’ve been waiting for a firmware update since November and of course now there will be features on SC2 software that SC1 users won’t have.


JP, the challenge with diy stems from a few areas - again, below just my personal observation, GD will most likely comment on diy vs non-diy potential:

  1. The embedded design of the new electronics requires dedicated and carefully engineered thermal management - this will be outside the comfort-zone for the majority of diy’ers
  2. DIY places an immense amount of pressure on service-resourcing, adding massively to business overheads. Not only from a hardware, but also (free) software engineering perspective
  3. At some point in time, I believe GD should get something back for their massive and up to now free/no-cost engineering of the Tuner software and USB interface.

From my perspective as an automation business development manager, the longer GD stayed on the path of purely a component/diy supplier for dd wheels, whilst having relatively low margins on the Simucube and ioni boards, the better the chances of this eventually coming to an end.

With the new approach, it will reduce overheads, give a bit of well-deserved margin back to GD, as well as simplify software development in the new product-cycle. These changes were absolutely necessary imho, especially considering where this market is heading.

Yes, I am probably one of the staunchest diy-ers out there, and yes, I would absolutely luv to get my hands on such a solution, but we can only hope. But it wouldn’t make much business sense, not in the current climate, I don’t believe, plus considering point 1 above.


I understand your valid points, including of course the need to make the whole supply chain and servicing profitable. However, they do not negate the fact the majority of existing SC1 owners will have no intention of switching hardware wholesale at cost of >1K+ to achieve marginal n% improvement, and will be disappointed any upgrade path is now dead. I have no doubt an SC2 version to replace SC1 must be possible. Increase margin and make a profit selling it to thousands of existing SC1 owners. Buying a board at 3 figures is an easier pill to swallow.


Hi JP,
My POV was simply from my perspective.

GD can reply from official capacity :slight_smile:

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I hate to say this, but I think the pricing of the cheapest Simucube 2 wheel base is a bit too high, it’s almost the same price as the DD1 from Fanatec, not to forget that Fanatec’s wireless solution seems more advanced with wireless power delivery to the wheel rim enabling clutch paddles, shift lights and displays on the rim…
Also, it seems that the DIY spirit is no longer in GD’s long term consideration, I’ll just stop waiting for the availability of standalone wireless boards…
I’m not sure if you guys have heard of the Chinese direct drive wheel base called Simagic, which is basically a cheaper version of the Fanatec DD1, with wireless connection and wireless power delivery to the wheel rim and stuff, with rated torque of 10Nm, which is a bit low, but it costs only 500 USD without VAT. However the guy hasn’t got to do any substantial marketing yet except on some Chinese websites like taobao and bilibili, even you Google the name Simagic, you don’t find any meaningful info, but once he does realize the importance of marketing, the competition is gonna be fierce…cuz he’s not the guys like Feel VR ,which is kinda like a scam. Many Chinese sim enthusiasts have already got their hands on the Simagic since last year, even Barry from Sim Racing Garage have tested one.