Simucube 1 vs simucube 2


Yes. Complete quick release in all models.


Thank you for the detailed explanation bsohn. I think iRacing does a very good job with the fundamentals in FFB but, I guess I’m part of an extremely small minority that likes more detail. Some of it is related to my personal experience in Autocross and some of it is for immersion and replacing some of the cues that we just don’t get in Sim-racing. When realism in FFB comes at the cost of immersion, it’s just not a good trade-off imo but, I respect that the majority feel differently.

I’m sure the SC2 series is going to be excellent and I look forward to reading reviews. Kudos to GD for forging ahead and providing more choice for hardware with more refined and consistent results.


Is there any way to bolt Q1R to SC2 and completely get rid of that locking pin that can be catching on wheel plate cable.
Not all of us will jump on wireless solution and would continue using existing wheels.
Plus Q1R is just better esp. if you already invested into one.


It is possible to remove SQR interface part or the SQR completely from the unit and make adapters to other quick release mechanisms. Q1R forexample is usable on 24mm system for sure.

The bare shafts on the units are without keyways, just smooth shaft in all of these motors, nothing extra ordinary that would prevent the thing that you are asking. However if you remove the SQR completely, the factory set wheel center_point will be lost, (but you can set custom center_point also in the software).


Ok I will be the first to ask this question.

Is the hardware of the pro and sport not capable of handling the added software features of the ultimate?

If it is capable is there the possibility for someone to have access to the ultimate software for a fee?


Is there an NDA for sc2 testers? When will we start to see more information and reviews?


If you catch a curb just right or hit a wall it is ridiculous in real life. But yes sometimes issues from their damage model cause the telemetry to wig out and go crazy though they have worked on that. iRacing has made a lot of adjustments to support Direct Drive wheels but they do not support any specific wheel directly.

What you speak about with constant force is partly due to the way they do there feedback model and why running a DD with higher power is helpful as the fine details that you talk about when run at lower outputs get so small in amplification that they cannot really be pinpointed by us as humans while driving OR as @SKeijmel would point out they could be covered up by the 60Hz signal noise which can give a constant force feeling… You can sort of get around this by using Non Linear which boosts all the lower amplitude signals at the expense of the higher but this also diminishes the Dynamic Range of the output.


I run With a Large Mige.

Recon - 7
Daming - 3.25
Friction - 0
Inertia - 0.5
Notch - off
TBW - Unlimited (if you run anything less with a high-res encoder you are likely clipping detail out)

I run the iRacing Slider at 47 which is a .593:1 Specific output

and NO irFFB


They have mentioned before that the QR can be removed in favor of a traditional plate… What I don’t know is if the plate/drivelock will have to be purchased elsewhere to do this (I am guessing Yes as their QR has the drive lock portion built in.

As for the Q1R being better, that is debatable, It is one of the best out there but I have worn out the true functionality on a set and almost had to permanently lock it to get it to stay solid, as well none of us have tried the GD QR yet, however, I can see the issue you present with the pin and corded wheels which might not be so good.


I leave this here for now, testing will commence tomorrow morning. Need to work Bogeyman hard tonight to memorise ffb feel, accuracy, filters etc…then, undoing Bogeyman and mounting Ultimate to my 8020 setup should take max 15-20 minutes.

After that, fun-times.

More later.



Oooooooo hardware p0rn


What motors are you using in SC2 guys? Inrunner or outrunner?


These are customized precision grade industrial servo motors. Inrunner(s). These have robust construction, high efficiency, low torque ripple and low cogging torque. Characteristics which are ideal for simracing because the driver does not want feel flex from the construction or any disturbances in the force feedback due to the motor.


what’s the difference with inrunner and outrunner? Did the S1 users allowed to upgrade to inrunner motor?


Inrunner - SC1/SC2, Bodnar DD, AccuForce DD
Outrunner - Fanatec DD


It’s great to hear that you’ll be giving some simucube 1 documentation as well. But what incentivize a developer to actually do anything about it? They’re still left with the original problem of different configurations. (Though I believe users are mainly on mige with 10k encoder these days)

Unless you contractually, or in other ways get them to always include the simucube 1 product id into their simucube 2 ffb profiles if they don’t tailor one for simucube 1 as that will at least give a basic form of support.

I’m happy to see DD’s are getting more attention in the simracing space with the new podium line and SC2, because currently it’s a niche like VR except DD’s have had the added benefit of the age old ffb system usually working to a basic degree on all wheels. Where as VR requires actual implementation to even work.


Actually Mige 10K and Mige BiSS are the most common configurations with the 10010 and 10015 servos.


A bit of a teaser: I have been turning a good few laps over the weekend, I will take a few more nights to make sure as to what I am feeling is not simply placebo.

But to share an initial thought: The Ultimate I am testing is running on it’s first version beta-fw, with no custom-filters yet tested, and it is already beyond what my Bogeyman could ever do in terms of smoothness or feel. This is the first system that could come near, or surpass it.

Bogeyman is quite a few steps above anything else on the market, including Bodnar SS2 (which I had 2x of, both sold now), as well as many iterations /versions of OSW with different servos, as well as another wheel I have currently under testing.

So for Simucube2 to beat Bogeyman, is a massive effort and testament to how good it is, even this early on with non-public fw :slight_smile:

More later.


oh baby! that’s what i like to hear. tell me more!!


Sounds awesome, tell us more about Bogeyman spec.
Also, you had Podium in your possession too, correct?
Curious how that one would compare to SC2 Pro, Ultimate is obviously higher tier to be useful in head to head everyone is waiting.