Shutting off SC2 when not in use

Sorry if silly, but is it necessary to power off SC at the rear button when not in use? Is the torque-off button sufficient be considered off?

I just switch mine off at the back …the little white button

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I switch mine off as well. :slight_smile:

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I wonder also if it does go into sleeping mode if you don’t use it…???

With e-stop activated the wheelbase is still active except there is no torque but you can still steer with the wheel.
There were few threads regarding to official way of shutting it down.

For short breaks/inactivity it is recommended to always engage torque off button, once for safety and another related to some component that is still under load (resistor may be) that can burn if left like this for long period of time. May be Mika can explain, can’t find that post.
Of course with Premium E-Stop you have extra button to shut off power completely.

P.S. We need proper FAQ.

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Make sure you have connected the Simucube first before you apply main power. I touch the heating pipes before I switch off at the back and before switching on aswell. Think it’s better to use the button on the back and not the main power

I think this is not a faq material, maybe the second time in two years that this has been asked.

However, yes, the power mosfets are in enabled state, if device is in the automatic high torque mode which has no standby mode function. The power mosfets do wear when in use, but it is very very unlikely that that would happen in any measurable manner when the device is not actually conducting high current operations.

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And that means? In accountant language? Back and e stop? Or…?

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E-stop - short breaks
Power button - shut off

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Thanks! Very kind! Is a language I understand. Again, very kind.

Thx for the replies, ordered the premium button to be able to power it off there. Still waiting on a pc to get the rig runnin so was just thinkin ahead.

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Well, when I finish I turn off the PC, and then the power strip where everything is connected.

is there something wrong with that?

I wouldn’t say there is anything wrong with switching off at the power strip when you are finished if it doesn’t cause an issue for you.

Some users have avoided doing that as in some cases they were experiencing blown fuses due to the inrush current


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Sorry I am not sure if I get it … :roll_eyes:

From what I understand from these threads/ posts is that it might be a problem when you turn on the Simucube 2 because the 2 PSU draw a lot of power when they start.

Could you explain to me the issue of turning off the Simucube 2 from the power plug and not from the switch on the back of the Simucube?

Bunch of folks had issues with fuses blowing up when turning both PSUs simultaneously.
You either need to do it one at a time, not possible with R2 revision with one power unit, or using inrush current limiter.

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OK! Then I understood correctly. The problem is only when turning on the Simucube 2.
I was just a little confused by the post of EsxPaul.

So no problem to turn off the Simucube 2 with a switch on the power bar instead of turning it off with the button on its back.

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