Can I directly cut on/off the power supply to shut down the sc2pro without turn on/off the switch on the back?

Hi everyone, two PSUs of my SC2Pro(R1) are plugged into the power strip together. There is a master switch in the power strip. Can I just turn on/off the master switch of the power strip directly instead of the switch on the back of the sc2pro?( Keep the switch on the back of sc2pro always On.) Will this have a bad effect or damage on the sc2pro? Thanks!


I can’t see why such thing would be an issue. We will let you know if any bad consequences comes to our mind.

It’s exactly how I have my 2 PSU’s connected and I’ve been using the SC2 like that since may 2019, without any problems :slight_smile:

Ok. If there is no problem with this operation, it will be much more convenient. Thanks!


From hardware point of view this will not cause any issues whatsoever.

Kind regards, Esa

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That’s would be great. Thank you for your professional replying!