Official Way to Power off SC2 Pro?


Currently i am just switching my Wheel base at the back of the unit, is this the correct way? Also the PSU’s, are they ok remaining unloaded? (has anyone measured the standby power consumption?)

the manual tells you how to turn it on etc, but not how to turn it off :slight_smile:


Nice point on the psu. I have the Sport therefore just 1 psu, but I have the same doubt about the state of the psu when not in use by the motor, just it seemed to me too much a dumb question to ask so thank you for doing that :slight_smile:

i dont know the official way, but what made most sense from a safety perspective to me was to turn the power off on the unit and then turn the power off at the wall for the PSU’s. I dont mind having to turn the power on at the wall first every time I use the rig.


same thing as I do, today with sc2 as before with osw…general psu --> pc --> simucube 1 case (before) or directly sc2 back switch (now). I read many people that complained about having to turn on the pc before the sc2 because they always leave the sc2 on, all the time…for me, it’s the last thing I would do…


The PSUs conform to the US DOE Level VI requirements - Less than 0.5 W power consumption when idle.


I always switch off the servo via the switch at the rear before I shut off the PC but leave the PSUs powered up permanently as they consume such little power.

For me, that also avoids the inrush of power that I was getting when I was turning the PSUs via the mains socket.

My power strip didn’t seem to like that :slightly_smiling_face: