SC2 September Batch

Mine seems to me that it does not have it (I will check better at home … lot 1), if you also see on the site, in all the photos there is not.
I asked for revisions, and they said no.
This connector doesn’t change that much, but I would like to understand why it was added, and if there are other things inside that have been changed


mine (lot 1) Pro does not have it so I am also curious why and if we lack something else.

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My batch 3 just came today and I don’t recall seeing it… Will have to take a closer look when I get home. How helpful is the connector without a antenna ha

Maybe SRB ordered more units than just the pre-paid units so he has extra. For example paid for extra with his own money.

I would assume some resellers do not invest their own money and just order exactly what the pre-paid orders are.

I am just speculating, not sure if this is the case.

The problem is not that they have extra motors, the problem i see is that SRB Customers recieved their units, while my reseller doesn’t know when he will recieve his batch 3 shipment.
So i looks like there is a 5 days difference at minimum…
And Slovenia is even further away, it just doesn’t seem right for me.

Product optimization is an ongoing process in any company that makes electronics components.

The external antenna was added in production recently. The external antenna variant of a component has become better available during recent months, after the component orders for first batches were committed. Also, this version was no more expensive than the one without, so there was no reason not to implement it and bundle an antenna to go as well. All this was done regardless of zero reported issues with the Simucube Wireless Wheel system.

Please note, that we still have a small number of parts available with integrated antenna, so not all units that are shipping right now have the external antenna. As such, the units with and without the external antenna can be considered interchangeable.

User manual (available on our website) was updated today to include external antenna installation, SQR revision 2 installation instructions, and some new features that will be in an upcoming firmware version.


So I was wrong… I do have the connector and it came with a external antenna !

Ok understood.
Like I said I was just speculating.

I ordered from Augury and haven’t received anything yet

Is it possible to add the external antenna to the Ultimate I just received last week?

No, the external antenna requires the external-antenna-capable version of the wireless module we have on the Simucube interface electronics circuit board. It is also very, very difficult to desolder&resolder without damage to the main circuit board.

Hi, have you heard about the shipments to Augury of the third batch of Simucube 2 Pro?
Thank you

so on RaceDept. forum some folks are already claiming that there was an issue with reception and its better to wait for updated version antenna. I tried to reason with them but :slight_smile:

Well, another update from DSD. SC2’s shipped from Granite yesterday. So a little delayed from the last email on the 28th that would have landed them here tomorrow or Monday. At least it’s positive news, not speculative about when they might ship. At least the delays are getting shorter(?)

@Cyberdug, do you really need to do that?
Reception would be weaker without antenna, this is a fact.
The weak signal was noted by Barry Rowland in his review of wireless wheel for SC2 and by Martin Ascher, he even suggested making some kind or reflector on the back on the base to rectify that.
Some people besides just weaker signal had real issues with missed or delayed inputs, etc.
There was a whole thread on virtualracing regarding that.ür-Simucube-2

Does it affect everyone with no antenna units, well, they will get weaker reception, which may or may not impact wheel operation, that’s it.

Natural evolution.
Thanks Granite Devices for listening to your customers and continuous improvement of the product!

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Odd that this weak signal issue didn’t crop up in pre-release testing.

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There are no confirmed reported signal issues that would cause problems when driving. Our prerelease testing found that the internal antenna was fully sufficient for faultless reception, but as we got the reports that the quality was a bit less than we had in testing with some users, we decided to commit to the external antenna anyway. This was only just about possible due to the component availability.


Augury did let me know they expect to receive the third batch at their warehouse somewhere next week.

Hi All, I’m new here.

I ordered my SC2 Pro on the 12th of July from STR in the UK. Looking forward to getting my hands on it soon.
I’m sure i will have lots of questions coming from a CSW V2. I have a Vesaro full motion rig so it should complement it pretty well!


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From Augury:
Hello Francesco,

Granite Devices will shipping our batch from his warehouse the next monday and the delivery date is about 7-10 laboral days.

As soon as we receive the batch we will start to send the orders.