SC2 September Batch

What’s up guy’s, how many here finally saved up or just decided to go ahead and pull out the credit card and pull the trigger on this baby… and is excited as I am…come on September! :grin:

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Mine one on September too

Got the credit card out I’m afraid!
Ordered the pro version with the wireless wheel 320 from Simtech (I’m in the U.K)

Just waiting for them to get back to me with the courier details so I can intercept him before the wife sees him :sweat_smile:

Good God She,s gonna kill me if she finds out!

Once its mounted in the rig I dont think She’ll realise though :crossed_fingers:


Oh yes, she will :joy:
Maybe she says nothing to it and saves it for later to surprise you sometimes when she needs it :grin:

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Just bought her some fancy earings, maybe that will alleviate some of her potential ire ( who am I kidding lol)

And I thought I was the only one who intercepted packages lol.

I think there’s probably a whole secret community of "interceptors’

Ordered mine from Jed at STR aswell few days ago. Batch 3 cant come soon enough :smiley:

Cant wait.

Luckily my SO cant say anything, I work damn hard for my money so if I wanna spend it on wheels then its my hard earned cash. She isnt wanting for anything so guess that helps.

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Ordered my from STR too! :slight_smile:
Never ordered from them, so I am quite nervous, and also, my order receipt says it is completed, I am not sure what it means, shouldn’t it say order is under preparation or something like that? :anguished:

Waiting for the carrier

Waiting on September Pro from DSD. Ordered an R8 replica wheel and have been selling off my Fanatec gear. It was a nice bit of kit, but am looking forward to moving up.

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My order was showing the same “completed” order status. As far as I’m aware it will show that status as soon as you have completed payment and will not change.

Jed over at Simtech is a very good guy and will take of you. Calm those nerves! :slightly_smiling_face:


Have you heard anything about that particular wheel good or bad? I was thinking of purchasing it .

I ordered from same vendor, I need to start selling off mt fanatec as well.

So are the wheels actually in stock? Just tried to order, they dont deliver to US?!..WOW

Thats exactly what I told the wife…I spend lots of$$$$ on her…my turn.

You can order directly from DSD in the US, he is the Distributor there ->


I already ordered the SC2 pro from him…he has the wheel also?

Sorry, I thought you were asking about the SC2 :wink:

no sir waiting on September shipment but really would like to know the best wheel to get…or descent wheel to get.