rFactor 2 and SimuCUBE

“Steering resistance type”:1,
“Steering resistance type#”:“0=use damping, 1=use friction”,

decides which DirectInput Effects will be usefull. If using “0” (=use damping) then increase Damping and if you use “1” (=use friction) then increase Friction to your liking. No need for usage of “Other Filters”.

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we have 1% in ioni and not 0.50% , i checked.

It could work the way you say but i think you have to change the default “Steering spring saturation”:0, in the simucube profile to 1 in order to work , but i haven’t checked.

Hi Loukas

Where exactly are you referring to about “Steering spring saturation” set to “0” in the Simucube Profile?
I don’t see any such value in the config tool?
Unless you are referring to the “Spring” value in the “Direct Effects” slider?

Or are you talking about in game settings in RF2?

that setting is in the json file.

thank you, appreciated.

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i never had a problem with that in terms of the json , and there were more devices than just 2 or 3 . Anyway although you don’t have to fix something like that check this

if it works for you , you could put it as a recomendation if the same problem arises for other users aswell.

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I have been using RFactor for some years now, and I know how to change the json I want to use. I have always deleted the controller.json file and used the Mika’s file in every test I have made. The solution to avoid grainy feeling is to increase the attenuation filter inside the sim, but this affect the FFB.
The issue is present in Raceroom (lower than in RF2) and totally absent in Kunos sim

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Same problem on simucube 1 ?

I will check. If the same issue exists in 0.50.3 on Simucube 1, then I will fix that too, and release 0.50.4 for SC1 today.


No problems with SC1

No problem with SC 1,also.

@SKeijmel Do you have any new settings since the last video? Because there have been quite a few updates of RF2 and simucube since then. Thank you for your settings.

i use this now https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/139815407279144960/590252103302381609/unknown.png

and ffb smoothing ingame on 5


download link in the video discription https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PDdzphVOvwU

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Okay, thanks, you kept the same one.

I like to run the game-FFB smoothing at 2 or 3 because it gives me a little margin to make adjustments in-game, so it’s really a combination of both in my case.

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Hello! I recently bought the Small MiGe 20nm from SimRacingBay running FW - 0.11.2. Got settings right in iracing so all good there. However if someone could help me get the latest good base settings right for rFactor 2 i would be very happy (need to try the new LeMans track). This thread is miles long and its hard to find all the settings needed. I drive mostly GTE / LMP2 cars if it helps.

So need the SimuCube software settings and also game + controller settings :slight_smile: Cheers!

For Simucube 1, load the osw_simucube profile in game and assign controls.

Then, add reconstruction filter to whatever softness you like (I would start at 3) and add friction and damping (maybe 1.5% damping and 1% friction in Simucube 1 Configuration Tool). Then adjust the strength to your liking.

There are no absolutely correct settings for any car.


So this would be a good start? (1440 for the auto DOR if I understood that correctly)