rFactor 2 and SimuCUBE



Makes good sense to me. I’ll give them a shot tonight and see how it goes. I’ve been using the C6.R at lime rock to avoid any “mods” Let me know if there’s a better combo to tune the ffb.


I prefer the new S397 GT3 / GTE / Endurance Pack content over the older ISI GT cars.

Some mods are pretty good while others can be pretty poor. The URD cars are very good imo but, do require payment. The Enduracers Mod (free) is also very good and since the recent update, the ffb feels more in line with the S397 content.

I’m confident you can achieve very good ffb with rF2. rF2-ffb is among my top 3 Sim choices (rF2 / AMS / iRacing) for the fundamental ffb characteristics. rF2 excels at providing excellent under-steer cue variation with perhaps, the most intense sense of cornering-intensity of any simulation because, unlike some titles, it retains good surface detail during hard cornering when front grip-loss begins to occur. It provides excellent progression in resistance leading up to front-grip-loss. Adding some “brake effect” in the json-file can enhance intensity as well (beware criticism of purists).:sweat_smile:

While many say that such front grip-loss steering effects are not present in RL racing cars, I find such effects are something that brings so much satisfaction to my sim-racing so, I don’t care if it’s realistic or not. :smiley:


So I tried the different settings and it did make an improvement in the finer details and making it feel more “rubbery” similar to having recon filter on 8 instead of 2 on AC as an example.

What I’m still lacking is load building up in the steering telling me I’m close to breaking loose.

The front end feel is fine and I have no complaints but I’m using the weight transfer and load build up get an idea on where the limit of grip is.

In contrast, iracing does an amazing job of giving load and weight transfer details where as it’s front end feel is a bit numb.


What do you run the rF2 FFB output at? Perhaps you are experiencing some signal clipping?

I find that iRacing, AMS and rF2 feel very similar in their progression leading up to grip-loss.


I’ve put the game on hold for now due to performance issues with the Pimax. I’ll revisit it down the road when “parallel projections” isn’t needed and focus the limited time on ACC. I appreciate your and others input greatly!


My DD settings in wheel software are everything 0 and strength %100. Ingame you must leave multiplier at 1.00 if S397 have done car properly signal shouldnt clip but you will have to get used to using all the power of your wheel. Why would you buy a powerful wheel and then not use it t byurning it down to %50 When you get used to it you’ll realise the true potential of your wheel. GT3s will be powerful but things like new Reiza stuff are simply amazing!


Some of us poor girly-men can’t handle full power; I’m haunted by multiple shoulder and back injuries over my 57 years. :frowning: But, I still enjoy quality and dynamic FFB at about 50% output.

Game-developers are not likely to test every conceivable combination of car/track/circumstance that can induce signal clipping in FFB (although, Reiza has done a fine job of trying to optimize output). The fact remains, if the game-FFB output clips, the result always carries through to the hardware & user. In the event of a crash or contact, that may be useful but, not if the detail or primary effects are lost during normal racing.


Hehe too right. I’m on the wrong side of 50 as well and my issue is RSI but hell its just such a blast eh. I just got the Reiza stuff last week and they have done a great job. I have the 26nm wheel and sometimes think 20 would have been enough. What sort of forces are the GT3s in RF2 putting out do you think?


I’m not sure on GT3 forces but, there is a fair bit of data within the iRacing community in regard to various cars steering torque. rF2 has some parameters (contained within the controller-json file) for customizing the output as it relates to RL counterparts.


Does it? Id like to learn more about the Json file parameters and how to further customise. I know the Iracing comminity is a great repository of information but I’m no longer a member!

A question I have though is what your settings are if you’re using %50 of your wheel. Do you leave at %100 in Wheel software and turn down FFB multiplier ingame for RF2 and others like AMS, Iracing? AMS is interesting because you the Realfeel file that you can customize for clipping and then you also have a strength slider!!


I run high force settings in SimuCube and reduce the game-ffb strength to a level suited for me. By doing so, signal-clipping is a non-issue. Using the opposite approach would certainly result in clipping to some degree. Signal clipping from the game-ffb will always flow downstream to the hardware.


The only problem with that approach is that you’re diluting the FFB signal so that you don’t get the proper feel around mid to slow corners especially if you’re reducing the RF2 multiplier to .50. The GT3s in RF2 for instance are set correctly when I was testing in DX9 with FFB clipping meter. The signal wasn;t clipping at all in normal driving and rarely in high speed corners.You may be better off just reducing the Wheel strength instead and only reduce Multiplier by say %10 to .90. Nothing wrong with a bit of clipping anyway.


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hello guys. I am new to OSW and I am still learning things. I haven`t changed any parameters in granity software, just playing in simucube. I have two questions:

  1. Is it normal in rFactor 2 after hard braking while car is stopping and try to turn into corner to have heavy wheel? I have 100 % strenght in Simucube and 0.33 ffb multi in rf2. My osw is 30 NM btw. I inverted the ffb in json file so now is -10000. Strange thing is that while moving the cars slowly I have realistic force while moving left rigt from the wheel and tyres but that doesn`t apply in the scenario I described above.
  2. Why when I use reconstruction filter from 1~5 I feel a little the gears from the motor but only in center? This applies to all titles I play. When I select rcon filter 7 or 8 that feeling in the center is gone. Also using sinewave filter is masking this feeling becouse of the ruble feeling in the wheel. Is this normal? Will this be fixed with upcoming releases of the firmware for Simucube 1? I dont use any filters except sinewave while playing Raceroom. My setup is OSW 30 Nm Biss-C from Augury.
    I enjoy racing much more that before when I used g29 so it`s almost stupid to say this but anyway :smiley:
    Thanks :slight_smile:


100% strength in simucube with how many Amps ? can you also upload your controller json somewhere and share it ? Apart from the rcon filter , do you use any other filters ?


I use 23A (100%) in Simucube, none of the filters. In json file I only changed Steering effects strength to -10000. All other is on default in controller file.


Does rFactor2 use a sine wave effect these days?


No sine wave effect rfactor 2


please upload the file somewhere to see it. If you had the simucube profile you shouldn’t have to put -10000 because it is already set , so it could be that other values are also not correct.

also make sure these are off in game :

steering help
braking help
opposite lock
spin recovery
stability control
auto shifting