rFactor 2 and Simucube 2

any suggestion for SIMUCUBE 2’s settings?


How many nm when 100% or what model ?

the simucube 2 pro model 25nm

thanks, I have my settings that worked well with simucube 1, but they do not work with simucube 2, that’s why I asked for them

well maybe it was because you had to change the nm inside your json , have you done that ?

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done, without success

could you share your drc ? also could you elaborate on what doesn’t seem to work and could get better ? Does automatic degrees of rotation work with simucube2 ?

with simucube 2 I have only the true drive software. no granity no drc. the degrees of rotation do not change according to rf2

Degrees of rotation setup needs patch from rFactor side. I’ve provided them the information over 2 months ago already.

ok but i guess you don’t need those , i mean granity and drc. The degrees is a setback but if you set the json accordingly and you change the degrees to match the car you take it will work out ok. Can you share your drc to see what could be causing you problems ? Simucube2 also has max degrees 1440 ?

as far as I know simucube 2 does not have a drc file. I have found that the only way to avoid grainy feeling is to set the attenuation ffb filter inside rf2 at 15

We are investigating the grainy feeling on rFactor 2 at the moment. It was certainly visible on our last rig with rFactor 2 demo, but it will take over the weekend to let it download the rfactor 2 completely to try it out.


the grainy feeling is present in RRE as well, less noisy, but in this case the attenuation filter of ffb does not work.

yes! these two titles have issues with grainy feeling. only if rcon filter 8 or above is used grainy feel is gone. I hope this can be fixed with simucube becouse filter 8 feels good but not that direct like 3 or 5 for example. Assetto Corsa for example don’t have this issue.

totally agree I am expeting a fix too

I’m in contact with rFactor2 developers.:slightly_smiling_face:


… and took finally the time to install rFactor 2 to our new rig at our office.

It seems that a very harsh and grainy profile is created by default for all unknown controllers. My plan is to take the OSW_Simucube profile and modify it, making versions for Sc2 models. Already after just copying all settings except for the device ID, the FFB is very smooth.

I expect to release these profile files later today, but there is also the iRacing Le Mans 24h I need to do…


Great news thanks for looking into it Mika

These controller json files should work for Simucube 2.


However, there is the maximum torque specified in the json too. I do not know if rFactor 2 is using it for anything. Does someone know?